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How much of your old music do you listen to?


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    Most of what I listen to is my favorite old stuff. Occasionally new stuff by artists I've liked for a while will creep in, like Sloan, Butch Walker, Muse, King's X, and Rush. I think the vast majority of new music I hear, or at least new bands, can't put together a cohesive and great album, so I'll occasionally listen to a few of their songs (bands like Phoenix, The Killers, Neon Trees, etc.). I have to admit that I really love Katy Perry's stuff for some reason...mostly because she was very nice to me when I met her in 2008 (before I Kissed A Girl was out), so I'm always rooting for her and sometimes I'll listen to that stuff.

    But most of what I hear on the pop stations I do the commercials for (a CHR/Top 40 and a Rhythmic/Hip Hop CHR) is utter ****************...which makes me sad. Even someone I tend to enjoy like Bruno Mars overall bores me because of the way the songs are produced. Same with Maroon 5, who I used to love back when they knew how to play rock music. I don't know - there's not a whole lot of raw emotion coming through in the way records are overproduced these days. I think that's why Adele sticks out like a sore thumb, because she really sounds as though she's feeling every word. And the more spare production is why that Gotye song was so interesting...

    One band I heard recently that intrigued me but that I haven't been able to further investigate is Grizzly Bear. Not sure if I'll actually dig it or if it's just hipster garbage. And I do enjoy The Black Keys sometimes...but that's getting pretty tired, too.

    Most new stuff just doesn't touch me anymore...so I stick with stuff that does.

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      Quote Originally Posted by guido61
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      How much do you all spend listening to decades-old music?

      QUite a bit, actually. There still a lot of stuff from the 70s/80s/90s I listen to... just some stuff that always sounds good to me.


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        More than I listen to new stuff, I listen to "new to me" stuff. Might be tracks that are 10, 20 even 70 years old, but if it's something I haven't heard before then it's "new stuff" to my ears.


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          I do this pretty frequently, especially in that I was born in the `80s and didn't get into the glory of some of what the `60s and `70s offered until I was dang near in my 20s! So lots of older music (i.e. pre-1990) gets rotation in my CD player.

          That being said, I frequently revisit older albums from my past, as well. What I discerned from Metallica's Ride the Lightning when I was a metal head in high school is different than what I'd discern from it now.

          Though not all of it!
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            Older music that I didn't pay much attention to or never heard before. Going back before my birth and listening to the old cats. Bill Black and Jerry Scheff on bass, early macca, some jazz. So much good stuff to listen to: why be boxed in? Loving Pandora.

            I like to listen to music that uses more major scale tones; too much blooz based pentatonic stuff came out in the 70's, it's nice to hear a major sixth or third every once in a while, you know? 70's riff rock reminds me of modal jazz: all solo but the melodic underpinnings are weak and boring.

            And ya know, I hear a song like "Little Sister" as covered by Elvis, and i can see where Angus got his riff for "Back in Black". So it all comes around at some point. Off to listen some more. That's my quota for this week.
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              I would digitize only what I plan on listening to. Who has time for anything more?


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                I find that interest in that old stuff is cyclical---I may not listen to a given band much for years maybe, but then I'll get on a kick about them. It seems like every five years of so I go through a Beatles or Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones phase, even though I am very familiar with their catalogs. Same with other bands that I was heavily into at one point; those are just three examples of very well known old music.

                Of course, tastes change. Some music that I really liked at 20 is not interesting to me in my 40s, so while I still have those discs I rarely pull them out.

                I haven't gone back to listen to much of my older stuff for the last year or so because I ended up buying a bunch of kmart's CDs when he went full digital, and I've been systematically going through them. I'm finally down to the last dozen or so. That was almost all older stuff that I missed the first time around or just never bought.

                I find that production has become a lot more important lately---a poor or heavy-handed recording can get in the way of appreciating an otherwise good song, for me.
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                  Interesting topic....I used to spend countless hours of the day listening to music, mostly metal ever since I was in 5th grade and the Black Album came out, From then till my late teens I was a total metalhead shredder, and listened to all kinds of metal and shred, then I started getting into other kinds of music and listened to a lot...

                  I'm not sure when it really stopped, probably some time in my mid 20's or so (I'm 31 now) but I haven't really listened to much old (OR new) music at all since then, just some discs I've burned from stuff I had put into iTunes from discs years ago in the car whenever I'm driving somewhere, that's about it...
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                  Ahhh...John Cage. The ultimate troll.

                  Originally Posted by Anderton

                  Just remember...machines don't kill music, people do.


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                    More than I listen to new stuff, I listen to "new to me" stuff. Might be tracks that are 10, 20 even 70 years old, but if it's something I haven't heard before then it's "new stuff" to my ears.

                    I find myself mining a lot of old music for the new-to-me experience. I get bummed when people say they don't listen to new music (importantly the new-to-me variety). Just try something you haven't heard before - if you don't like it, fine, move on, but keep trying. Checking in with the tried and true material is great, and what iPod shuffle was intended for, no?


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                      [QUOTE=MusicalSchizo;47214208] I don't know - there's not a whole lot of raw emotion coming through in the way records are overproduced these days. I think that's why Adele sticks out like a sore thumb, because she really sounds as though she's feeling every word. QUOTE]

                      Another Adele fan here! Some of her her songs sound like undiscovered classics to me and the raw, rootsy production helps to sell that "feeling every word" part, IMO. My band recently learned "One and Only" for our cowgirl singer- just piano and vocals for first verse, chorus adds the band and B3, bridge is just piano and vocals with cello and gospel background vocals. Great song! Hopefully we'll add some more in that vein.
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                        I know both bands and songs well. I never pegged you as an 80's hard/hair rock fan.

                        I loved it. I actually played Burning Heart in one band I was in in the 80s.


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                          I loved it. I actually played Burning Heart in one band I was in in the 80s.

                          Only when I am trying to cop some guitar licks from an old song period or learning something a client has requested. Otherwise I never listen to the old rock stuff for my personal listening pleasure. I love discovering new "band" stuff on different stations and online. Especially like dropping in on some obsure band at a downtown location here. Lot's of cool new stuff out there.


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                            I have been actively listening to and playing music since the mid-1970s. In the mid to late 1970s I mostly listened to acoustic rural blues by cats like Charley Patton, Skip James, Son House, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Bo Carter. I still listen to most of that music every now and then. Of the rock music I used to listen to, about all I listen to now is King Crimson, Roxy Music, Brian Eno, and Kraftwerk. A lot of the music of that era that I listen to now- Can, Faust, Neu!, etc- I did not know about then. There is also a lot of funk and R&B from that era that I listen to now that I did not know about then. I still listen to Ultravox, Human League, and New Order. But most of the punk, post punk, new wave, and no wave I like and listen to now I did not know about then. But of the music I listen to now only maybe 1% is music I listened to back then. But I do listen to a lot of 1980s and 1990s house, techno, dnb, and hip hop. But most of that music I did not know about at all until a couple years ago. I also listen to free jazz from the 1950s through the present that I did not know about back then.


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                              I loved it. I actually played Burning Heart in one band I was in in the 80s.

                              Awesome. Ya know, it's funny how many people deny being into that 80's music when it was popular. It reminds me of disco. Millions and millions of records sold, but you ask people and it's: "Nah man, I hate that ****************". LMFAO.

                              I'll wave the 80's flag too: that's the stuff that got me past beginner level and into playing on a more professional level. Randy Rhoads was my guy. Without his influence I would have never put in the time to start learning theory and scales. I remember I got into him right before he died. Dammit. It was the second album ("Diary of a Madman") that really caught my ear: didn't think much of "Crazy Train" from Blizzard.


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                                About 3 months ago my iPod took a dump. It was probably 5-6 years old. I decided not to get another one because I have an iPhone and it serves the same purpose. Although I could not put as much music on it, I could keep it up to date with what I am listening to now. Then about a month ago my computer crashed.... meaning I lost all the music I had uploaded onto my computer. I actually bought an external hard drive right after my iPod crashed, but never got around to using it. If you do start putting music on your computer make sure to back it up... probably twice in case your first backup dies.

                                At this point, I'm not sure what I am going to do. I have redownloaded iTunes and will probably get around to using it again for my phone. I'll be able to pull off some music from my phone, but I don't think I'm going to go through the trouble of importing all my cds again. Like you said, a lot of that old stuff I do not listen to. If I want to hear it I can always upload the cd again, but there was definitely some stuff on there I NEVER listened to. I'd say I spend most of my listening time listening to stuff I haven't heard a million times, but I do think there will be times when I will go back and listen to Beatles, GNR, Robert Johnson, Led Zeppelin, Stones, etc, etc again. As I get older my "ears" are definitely getting better. And to me that stuff is classic... which means it never gets old and you can still rediscover it.

                                Of course, there is now stuff like youtube which has pretty much any song or album available. Instead of pulling out the cds I just listen to it off youtube.