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What's the longest consistent rooms/venues/events that you book?


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  • What's the longest consistent rooms/venues/events that you book?

    Rooms and gigs sometimes come and go but how many of you play the same rooms and events consistently for years? As we just passed a decade being a local band the thought just occurred to me... we've been playing some rooms a pretty long freakin time. We started out as a side band that had some local gigs at a summertime venue and things took off from there. I've been playing this room every single summer since 1997 however this band it's our 11th year playing this place. In fact a few rooms we've been playing consistently for a number of years.

    Gully's- 5x a year (summers) since 2002

    The Bayou- 5 x a year since June 2006

    Boo Ball (radio station event) 1x a year since 2005

    The Empty Bottle- 5 x a year since 2007

    Cruisapalooza- (radio Station event) every year except one since 2004

    Schlesinger- 5-7 times a year since May 2008

    Greenville Inn- 5 times a year since Sept 2009

    Thanksgiving Eve-6 years the same venue...

    Mardi Gras Party-6 years the same venue....

    We've had alot of venues still open that we outgrown. There have also been a bunch that have closed. Just wondering how many other bands have a bunch of rooms and events in regular rotation.
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    I've been playing Charlie Brown's with my own bands since 2010 and with someone else's band since 2007, so I guess you could say around 5 years for that place. Played at The Diamond Lounge over the years since March 2005, so it's going on 8 years there.

    I haven't had the same band for over a decade like you have, so if I were to go strictly by what my current band has done:

    Charlie Brown's (Fri-Sat)- since Apr 2011

    The Diamond Lounge (Wed-Sat) - since Aug 2011

    Nite Owl Lounge (Fri-Sat) - since Sept 2011

    Those three are the ones where we are in some sort of rotation or regular basis. The first two are in town, which is great for wintertime gigs (I hate traveling when it's super-icy and cold out). The last one is about 90 miles away and we have been playing there about every three months. With CB's, we played there 8 times last year and will be there 9 times this year when we play there again on Dec 28-29th, so basically Charlie's has been our bread and butter as far as gigs go. The Diamond has been spottier, but we will be there again in January.

    There are others (like the Long Haul Saloon) where I have played there multiple times with two different bands, but we currently do not play there for whatever reason.
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      We haven't been around that long but have a couple venues that we're working our 3rd year in, with 5+ dates per year. We have some annual private gigs that we've done for a couple years in a row now as well.

      My hippy band played the last weekend of the month at one place for at least 15 years until we had a falling out with some over zealous new management.
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        With There & Back Again we celebrated our 10th anniversary at a place that we played consistently for 9 years. It is my fav place to play in my hometown.

        With Ostrich Hat we have been playing at this place every 6-8 weeks or so since the band started. This place is VERY picky about it's entertainment and right now there are only 2 bands and 2 duos and a karaoke on the schedule. Hopefully we continue to pull good crowds for them at this place its a nice steady gig. They also just opened up a 2nd location about 25 miles away in another city so we will be on the schedule there too.

        There are a few others we play regularly with Ostrich Hat but since OH is not every 2 years old it doesn't really count.


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          We formed this band in the summer of 2008 and started playing dives for $200 (and less...we thought $200 was sweet at the time lol. We once made $20 for the whole band for a "play for the door" gig ) in fall 2008. Naturally none of those places are on our list of places to play anymore. We made our way into the rotation at much better venues now, and hopefully a few years from now I'll be able to say we've been playing these venues for a long time.

          Right now though, the longest tenured venues that we play, and we still hope to continue to play in the future, are about 1-2 years. A few of the best ones that we love have been with us for less than a year, but have booked us out for half of next year so they seem quite promising. These are the $1k+ gigs that we're looking to do about 6 times a year (each).

          I just feel blessed to be with my group of guys and hope that we continue to have success for the long term like Grant and others have.


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            We have two rooms that we've been playing since very close to "the beginning" back in late 2008/early 2009 - they are also our lowest paying rooms. All of the others have been accumulated in the last couple of years. Venues have come and gone, as well. Some we just weren't a good fit for - and some weren't a good fit for us. Some have stopped having music and some have closed down for good. Now, our local options are pretty slim and the competition is tough. No one is gigging much and I consider us lucky to be one of the few bands around here who are still getting phone calls from venues.
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              In exactly two weeks, my side project will be playing our ninth annual Xmas charity gig. I have been with them since year three, which was the first year at the current venue...and each year I've been involved its sold out, so it must be me...

              So...nine years of the event, six straight at that same venue. It's kind of a local tradition at this point.
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                ... a big ass, BYOB, late-nite honkytonk and biker bar where I have played in the house band off-and-on since '99. Then on Sunday I put on a suit and play a brunch gig at a private club on a grand piano (last 3 years).
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