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  • The big step for your career

    The biggest step you can make towards a successful performance is to plan it.
    If you go on stage with a set and no other plan than just play the songs on your list... You are just another regular band performing. 
    In this jungle of bands and performers, if you want to stand out, you will have to be more than regular. You will want to plan and stage your performance in order to blast your audience visually, emotionally and musically all at the same time. 
    Imagine a movie without a soundtrack, imagine a show without lights and imagine a book without a story line you could connect emotionally to... 
    A stage performance needs all these elements as well in order to catch the audience.

    Why do you think some bands struggle to make fans with their original songs while some cover bands strike each time with their audience? Because cover bands play songs that their listeners can relate to emotionally as they already know them by heart!! Do not under-estimate the emotional connection when you perform as it is probably the strongest element that can influence your success or your lack of it.
    Unfortunately, many artists overlook emotional connection and do not take off at all, focusing only on the playing part.
    If you want to really help yourself building a serious fan base, learn how to connect your audience's emotions to your songs, to you and furthermore to your entire show.
    This can literally change your career approach and path.



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    You nailed it very clearly on this one. Please post more like this. Sounds to me you write from your experience and not taken out of a book. Yes! It is very much so true about the "emotions" in live performances. As one sits in a bar and drinks his/her beer and listens and watches the band, the first thing that attacks the mind (in a possitive or negative way) is the " emotional connection" with the band. Does it rock or does it suck. If the enthusiasm is in the performer, well the emotional part of their art  will shine through the smokey room.

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