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Oh for Christ *s sake.

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  • Oh for Christ *s sake.

    Ok I can't even remember which email I used to register stratguy22. So now I'm stuck as Omni's Mom. **bleep**br>**bleep**br>Who is a **bleep**br>**bleep**br>w h o r e. **bleep**br>**bleep**br>**bleep**br>

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    If you PM me, I can give you a hint.


    • bird turbo
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      Same here, except I can't seem to remember my password for my old email which was connected to my other HC account, marchofflames. Do I HAVE have to reset my password? Any way a mod can reset my password for me and send me a new password to an email account I actually use?!

    • Omni'sMom
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      I see no where on your profile to send a pm.

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    Ok. Its been awhile so I know the email account doesn't exist anymore. I was typing a nice reply to wades thread and all hell broke loose.