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Anybody else already booked for NEXT New Years Eve?


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  • Anybody else already booked for NEXT New Years Eve?

    We are!

    I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging but the country club where we played has already booked us for next year. Apparently we sold out the club twice. Their regular seating sold out and they still had a lot of requests for seats, so they rearranged their seating, adding more seats, and sold those out, too. So, we're back next year. (Good paying gig, too!)

    I don't mean to sound prideful but I hope it's okay to be at least a little stoked about it.


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    I got an email on new year's day from a local club that wants to book us for next year. I thought they were joking, but they are serious. We booked it. It sure is a long way away......


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      Been booked since Nov for 2013/2014 NYE gig.
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        not yet but got a 2013 christmas party booked last night.


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          If you would have asked me this question last year, I would have said, "Absolutely!"

          Right after our first set in 2011, the manager was so impressed with us that she immediately offered to hire us back for the following year. She also gave us our check at the same time.

          Unfortunately, this year's turnout was pretty poor, so we did not get a similar offer this year. I'm fine with that. It was okay to have a gig a year out in advance, but I'd like to play different places for NYE anyway.
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            Man.. our group has yet to play a huge NYE blowout. The first year (2010) we did a small two man acoustic show, and the following years (2011, 2012), we did a small three man acoustic show at a club we play. Pay for all of them was not near what it should have been, even for the smaller acts.

            Here's hoping our 2013 NYE gig is a much better one!


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              We don't book NYE. We're asked to all the time, but it just isn't worth it to us.
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                A regular gigging musican/band leader I know told me that he wouldn't take his 5 piece band out for less than $2400 on NYE.  That was about 5 years ago.  If I don't get a good premium on a regular gig, I'd rather stay home.  

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              Yep. Same gig as the past 3 NYE's. Although, I'm thinking about getting a sub for me for this year (2013/2014). I didn't have nearly as much fun this year as I have in the past. I'm kinda over the whole NYE thing. I would much rather celebrate at home with my family and maybe our close friends.
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