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First gig with The New Singer


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  • First gig with The New Singer

    Old singer tried to quit back in November. I'm close friends with her (closer than anyone else in the band), and I supported her decision, even though it would **************** up the band. They convinced her to stay on, but a few days later they let her go anyway.

    Fast forward to finding a new singer. New girl comes in first week of December and does pretty well. We hit 75% of both White Rabbit and Psycho Killer. And these guys aren't the greatest at learning new material. We continue rehearsing, and two weeks ago I suggest we play a local open mic thing.

    Fast forward again to tonight. We did our set:

    Pyshco Killer

    Fall Together

    Ziggy Stardust

    Where is My Mind?

    White Rabbit

    Hungry Like the Wolf

    Everything sounded pretty good behind the kit. No issues with timing or missing the last note of a song. She's never sang in front of a band. She did well enough without any vocal monitors. Forgot a few lyrics here and there. She shook her ass during the right spots of the songs. Ziggy was by far the crowd favorite. Old people... .png" alt=":smileytongue:" title="Smiley Tongue" />

    I convinced them to continue to play this open mic thing every couple weeks. Demo new songs, get her to be more comfortable with a crowd, etc.


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    I always loved open mic and jam sessions. It is great to test live a set live, or some new song before a gig!!

    I always took it a s a live practice .png" alt=":smileytongue:" title="Smiley Tongue" />