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    Well some of you may know I have been a long-time lead singer wannabe, and last time I was on here in the early fall, I finally listened to the advice to find a voice teacher.  Having Craigslist now really helped with that.  I actually had two for a while, and I think it has helped, especially as I continue to teach and figure things out for myself.  Anyway the one I'm working with now is not  so much a teacher as a coach, and she is also a 25-year band veteran and a great singer, well connected with the local scene.  A really great resource.  She has been helping me produce and fine tune my demos, introducing me to Pro Tools SE, etc.  


    Well yesterday we sat down and went through them all and she gave them a thumbs up, but I have learned from the past that it's always good to get a second opinion or two.  I don't want to promote myself too heavily until I know this set is solid.   Some of the questions I still have are things like: are the vocals too loud (although it is a vocal demo), are there too many songs on there, should I keep the live demo, does the choice of songs put anyone off.  It is so much easier for me to produce these now, and fine tune them, I would be an idiot not to do anything and everything to make them rock solid.


    Thanks in advance for listening, and for the advice and critique!    TJ


    Demo link:


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    Wow!  You're really making a lot of improvements since your first demos.  Congrats on putting in the hard work!   You've still got some pitch issues--but not nearly as much as before--and your phrasing is MILES above what you were doing before.  Honestly, your first attempt was barely listenable.   This is not bad at all.


    Depending on all the other things you bring to the table---your look; your stage presence; your attitude---you're probably good enough to sing for many bands.

    As far as critiques go---yeah, you might bring down the level of the vocals a touch--but not too much.  But there's nothing really to be gained by them being way over the music either.  Just don't bury them and you'll be fine. Set them to a level you think they should be at for a finished mix.  I've listened to many, many singer demos over the years and I can tell you that they do themselves no favors by pushing the vocals way out in front.  It only serves to accentuate the negatives, not the positives, in their vocal abilities.

     And I'd dump the live demo for now.  It's not as good as the processed stuff, and I'd say let whoever you audition for decide for themselves whether your audition lives up to the promise of the demos.  Again, if your attitude and stage presence is good, they may not even notice--or care--if the vocals themselves aren't 100% as good as the recorded stuff.

    But congrats again on coming so far.  And don't stop working on it!  (I know you won't)  You've still got a ways to go, but you've definately brought yourself a great deal beyond where you started!

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      Hey thanks a lot David....that is really good to hear, especially coming from you.   I'm going to go through these again with Jane in a few days and see if I can't get them up to come across better.  Get the mix right, get rid of the live demo.  If you (or anyone else) has time, it would be great to know where you heard the most glaring pitch issues (on the recorded tracks), or just one example even... since they seemed to escape us, or maybe we thought they were so minor we could get by with them. 

      So it sounds like some people are going to listen to these (as they are now), and pass.   I don't think it will take that much more effort to remove your "you still have a ways to go" comment, and generate more hits when I reply to ads with this link.   Any insights on where I should focus my efforts from here, to get to that point, would help A LOT.     Thanks again!    -TJ


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    Huge improvement.  Keep at whatever youre doing.



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