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Timmy, you don't need a 30pc drum kit on stage...

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  • Biggest issue you can immediately solve is not backing him into a corner; he's still going to need space on one side of the kit or the other to get behind the drums.

    Theres absolutely zero reason for him to need to face totally front of stage...Cheat the angle of the kit one way or another so he's got his back more parallel to one of the walls, you will be amazed at how much space seems to open up.
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      As a drummer I really dislike being stuck in a corner like that. Sometimes there isn't much to do but it does create wasted space. In my last band we played several gigs at a small bar where the "stage" area was rectangular with a half wall separating it from the rest of the bar along the long side. The bar manager wanted the open end of the rectangle free for dancers (which were rare) so we could not spread out along the long wall.The short side was glass to the outside with a bench seat. Perhaps 10 feet wide by 18 long. Everyone wanted me in the corner at an angle so we could face out at an angle. The place was so small it didn't matter. I got there first and set my rug up square to walls and with enough room on my left to place a Bose L1 Model 1 plus stacked Bose subs against the bench seat...and still squeeze out. It was weird but it left a lot more room. Lead guitarist stood pretty much in front of me. Another Bose L1 was on my right with the bassist next to it. Lead singer/guitarist was more or less in front of bassist. They were mostly angled a bit to the right while I faced straight ahead.

      I used to drag a fair amount of **bleep** but learned fairly quickly to downsize. I moved to a rack but after dropping two of four toms I don't think it made a lot of difference in setup time and nearly the same footprint. As others have mentioned a 4-piece kit, hats, two crashes and a ride will cover really anything. Unless covering the Outfield's Your Love, in which case a china is needed for the 2741 times it is hit in that 3 min song. Add a splash clamped on a tom arm so it doesn't take up any additional space and gives color, clamp the cowbell to the kick and a jam block & tambourine to the hats for Alice In Chain's No Excuses, and I was all set Oh yeah and a mini timbale on the rack. I'll post a photo if I can find one and figure out how.

      Went to see the guys just this past Friday and their new drummer plays a small Gretsch kit. The boys have all kinds of room on stage now! It sounded just fine although now that I think about it I did not hear No Excuses! I'm working on a blues trio now and replaced the timbale with a tom and dropped the toys hanging off the hats.

      Just waiting to see if John is browsing this thread You guys did sound great!


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    IMO a band discussion and "the member of the team talk" is a little overkill. Let the him set his the **************** up that he worked hard to purchase. Is it really cramping everyone that much? I'd be more concerned with the drummer from the other thread that wears Hawaiian shirts.

    Maybe overkill, but it's definitely the kind of thing that will build resentment over time and we all know how that ends.
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