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  • Kobalt Music Group?

    Anyone have any experience or knowledge of the Kobalt Music Group? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you


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    Did a google search.  Came up with nearly zilch.  In the past, I would think that not being able to find any scam results was a good thing, and it sometimes it, however... not finding much at all taught me that it's a new company, untested, and most likely going to end up being a wallet-sucking-experience like most other new music publishing firms.

    "Proceed with caution" doesn't even scratch the surface of cynicism you should approach them with.  I'd say that you should give them a couple of years, then see if they are the company they sell themselves as today.

    If you are looking into publishing, best to go with a well-established company that has a good reputation.  Otherwise, you are asking to be ripped off- let other people be the test subjects.

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