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Now this is what i am talkin about ,,,, when I say this rocks


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  • Now this is what i am talkin about ,,,, when I say this rocks

    "you mess with him and you mess with the whole trailer park"

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    Rodney Crowell baby! If you like that, check this...




    Ain't no sacrilege to call Elvis king
    Dad is great and all but he never could sing -


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      I play in a texas band so we do a lot of cranked up country songwriter stuff.   Marty rocks too.  I like kevin fowler, steve earle, etc  

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    Ever since lawyers started high fiveing each other saying You Rock the words lost all meaning to me!


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    Oh I agree that's what he meant. And I even supported him by posting that I think "rock" means more than just a particular beat. At the same time, he WAS the guy who turned the thread into an argument
    Appears the singers biggest problem is pitch and to much lesser degree his tone or phrasing. --- chord123


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      <--- Still confused but aware that this thread still rocks.

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      Maybe so. Senior has a different orientation than most here about rhythms and groove and I suspect that the clip he posted was something that he considers to exemplify that- haven't watched it yet though. I never have considered most organ jazz to be academic or highbrow, though- alot of it is blues or gospel-based and pretty accessible and "down-home" (i) (m) (o)