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Now I remember why we broke up in the first place!

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  • Now I remember why we broke up in the first place!

    An old band I used to play with is getting together for a special show.  I was looking forward to it until we actually played together and playing together made me remember the reason the guitar player and I moved on.  The bass player thinks he's God's gift to singers, and plays WAY too much lead bass, and the drummer, although he's a GREAT guy, is too limited on his instrument.....

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    A lot like running into an ex isn't it?  .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream.

    The show, no matter how retarded, must go on. This is why musicians drink so much, alcohol helps them cope with facts by enveloping their brains and auditory senses in a haze of thickly applied B.S.


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      Thanks for the reminder!!

      There's a chance I might be running into some old band mates this weekend. Note to self: don't commit to playing with them again


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        Good times huh?  Makes you thankful for what you have.

        Few months back, our singer couldn't make an important gig because he he got double booked with a jazz national he also plays with.  We knew about it well in advance, and rather than cancel, we brought in two guys a few of us had been in bands with previously yeeeaaaars ago to cover the show - a singer and a guitarist/singer.  

        Guitarist/singer was as expected for the most part from my previous work - not Vai level spectacular but plenty solid, well rehearsed, great work ethic, good dependable and capable dude.  I'll take that every time.  Brought it fine on stage.  Drinks caught up with him here and there a couple times towards the latter part of the show, but that happens to all of us at times.  

        The singer....  whooo boy.... Exactly the same talented, yet lazy, self-entitled pain in the ass he was 20 years ago.  Showed at practice (when he found the time) potted up, with his ho-of-the-week and a bottle in tow.  Knew maybe half the lyrics, melody lines, and meters correctly... even though our guitarist and I went through the trouble of printing out ALL his lyrics, as well as getting song copies to him well in advance.  Made it through the show okish, but we also had him on a pre-designed short leash, with several contingency plans in place.

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      We did a reunion gig for a band I was in.

      It was a lot of fun, I think I posted about it here. We plan to play about 3 - 4 times year maybe.

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