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tribte sucesses and uncovered

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  • tribte sucesses and uncovered

    What tributes work or fail? What acts have no tribute bands yet but are good targets for one?

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    Oooops thats Tribute :-)

    What about a Neil Young act?
    Just saw a fabulous Steely Dan one. Royal Scam!


    • jeff42
      jeff42 commented
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      If its done well and the original artist/band has a big enough following there are MANY that can work. 


      Ones that fail IMO are ones that don't look/sound the part or ones that are tributes to an obscure band...

       For example I doubt a Britny Fox tribute band will be packing them in right now. LOL

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    You have to Rock and Roll all night, and part of every day!!


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      Kiss? Its been done and over done.... plus its Kiss. Might as well do the drag Cher too while you're at it :-D
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      • guido61
        guido61 commented
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        I remember seeing a tribute band in a casino a few years back.  It was a tribute to The Cars for one set and then a tribute to Tom Petty for the next.  Presumably because the singer/guitarist had a face that somewhat resembled both Petty and Ocasek and, when wearing the right wig, he could pass for either at a distance.  His vocal impressions were decent, but the whole thing could have been so much more.   

        The backing band wore the same non-costumes for both sets.  Had they dressed more appropriately for each act, and made a better attempt at nailing the music, rather than just sounding like a typical cover band, it could have been really good.   Instead, it was a major "meh".  

      • mr3lions
        mr3lions commented
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        There's a reason it's been done a lot. However i will concede it dosent help the op as he asked for new ideas. I will blame my poor reading skills on the new layout of the page. I figure I can get a few more weeks out this excuse

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      There's no marketing advantage to being "we're edging close to being a tribute band". Not sure you can even fit that on a flyer.

      The OP is asking about tribute bands because he's looking for a marketing edge.
      band websites:


      • TIMKEYS
        TIMKEYS commented
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        guido61 wrote:
        There's no marketing advantage to being "we're edging close to being a tribute band". Not sure you can even fit that on a flyer.

        The OP is asking about tribute bands because he's looking for a marketing edge.

        What i said was ,, its good if you can carve out a nitch in the market and not be just like everyone else.  Its very hard to come up with a lineup for a really good tribute band.  You have to get people who play really well and also look like the band members and sound like them .   Its hard enough just to find like minded people to field a first rate tribute band.   we are pretty much the only band that you can go see 7 nights in a row and not have to listen to the same material night after night.   Thats important when you are in competition with all the other bands on a little island.  We also play stuff that no one else plays.  A night with us is a night of good music and also a tutorial of texas songwriters and bands.  Texas is very fortunate to have such a rich hearitage of singer songwriters and bands.   We have a great time turning people on to their stuff.