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    Anybody using these?

    My singer has a set and we are going to be trying them out this weeknd but I wondered if anyone has any tips on getting the most out of them since I have never used these before.

    I know of a ll the pros, any cons?


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    What's your monitor set up?  Depending on what you're using and how you're using it, the pros and cons will be vastly different.

    1) ideally you want separate monitor mixes for each user.  Sharing a mix with other members of the band is going to be problematic.

    2) you really want to invest in molded buds.  The sound quality difference is enormous.

    3) they take time to get used to.  It's an entirely different environment from wedges.  The majority of uses fall in the "once you'll use them you'll never go back" catagory, but not all.  I'm in the former catagory, but it took some time.  

    4) the biggest 'con' is the feeling of being cut-off from the audience.  There are different ways around this depending on your monitor set up.

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      guido61 wrote:


      4) the biggest 'con' is the feeling of being cut-off from the audience.  There are different ways around this depending on your monitor set up.

      I agree.  You'll need to set up a mic that can pick up the audience and put them in his ear so he will be able to interact with them.  The best way I have found to do this is with a reverse gate.  IWO the gate shuts off as the level rises (the song starts) and opens as it gets lower in between songs.

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    Add me to the "give it some time and once you get used to it you'll never go back" crowd. 

    It took a while to get used to it.  I do often wear just one bud because we don't have the drums running through the mix, and that lets me also hear the crowd.

    Not having to lug monitors and extra cables around, reducing the clutter onstage, protecting your hearing, and keeping volume down are all tangible benefits.


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      i have had a few of these , the sennheiser being the best by far .

      i could not gig without them myself .

      i hate the moulded type(block out TOO much) , i much prefer the earbud type and have just my vocals running thru them and a little bit of the track . .. i am solo , so dont have to put up with the noise of the back line lol .so i couldnt advise u there , if yer back line is horrendously loud for you , then moulded is the way to go .



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    If there is any processing such as gates, eq, or comps inserted on the drum channels then yes, you will get the processed sound in your iems. And as far as the individual channel eq's go, it all depends on if they are before or after the aux send for that channel.