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More stupid promoter/venue whinning

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  • More stupid promoter/venue whinning

    I saw this posted. The 2 and 3 got my blood boiling.bull****************.jpg

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    Don't play gigs where you have to sell tickets.

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      Don't play gigs for arsehats that spell "Required" "Reqired" .

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    Don't Book Back to Back Shows?!. . . what's that one about? Don't play two nights at the same place? Don't play two nights in a row? What?


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      They mean don't do a Friday/Saturday in the same area.  Or even succeeding weekends.  They want buffer in between shows to make sure all of your crew come instead of blowing all the attendance on the first one or second one and then having nobody come for the first one.


      Not saying I agree, just explaining what I think they mean. 


      And I'm not selling tickets.  Ever.