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  • International Shows - How To?

    Anyone have experience playing in other countries - in my band's case, England and Ireland?  We want to anticipate any logistical trouble before it happens.  Our goal is to play at a variety of small and midsize venues that have expressed interest in having us (pubs and restaurants). Can they pay us as they would any local band, or are there restrictions and red tape (i.e., do we need Visas for this sort of thing)? And what about renting gear; where/how is that done since we're not able to take everything on flight? Any other problems we're not anticipating?

    Brother Jefe

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    Have you started researching this at all? Your questions make it sound like you just got the idea and came here... time to hit the books!

    TRAVEL: Make sure all your flights and rentals are squared away before hand. Make sure you know what type of gear you'll have once you're abroad and that the rental vehicle can fit it. The boot in the UK ain't exactly the back of an SUV. Ensure passports/ visas (if necessary) are ready to go, copied, and a copy is retained at home as well as having an extra copy with you.

    MONEY: Have lots of it in multiple places. Let your credit card/ debit card holders know when and where you're traveling so charges aren't blocked. Have cash reserves.

    ACCOMODATIONS: Have them worked out in advance. B&Bs are far more frequent than hotels in the UK and are much nicer, but make sure you've discussed what hours you'll be out since many have curfews and you're looking to be gigging.

    VENUES: Have your itinerary set, know your contacts, rates, guarantees, and how you'll be paid. What happens if they pay you with a check instead of cash?

    GEAR: You've got some phone calls to make for rentals.

    That's just the tip o' the iceberg, mate...

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      Thanks, Fitch.  Yes this is a new idea, but we are sort of beyond the things you mentioned.  I'm familiar with travel abroad, even working abroad.  But when I have done that is was with visa and in a more legit setup with a job.  Not in a band playing pubs.  Do you know if there are any sort of legal obstacles to this (e.g., with taxes, etc.) as a foreigner playing abroad?  Also, what about sell of merchandise?  I guess it's those sort of things we're wondering about.  Thanks for any advice if you're familiar with this.