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Guys using OnSong - any kind of file sharing happening?

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  • Guys using OnSong - any kind of file sharing happening?

    Recently got an iPad and started using OnSong. I'm starting to play in multiple bands and doing more sitting in, and was really hoping this would be a good way to snag last minute charts for any songs I may not have time to fully prepare for. The program seems really cool and has the potential to be great, but the one major annoyance I'm having is that if I want to use it to its fullest, it takes longer to format the files correctly than it does to just learn the damn song! Completely defeats the purpose for me. I'm getting faster with it after a while, but it still is a huge pain.  

    I know I could just use it as a place to store and call up my pdf or doc charts which are much faster for me to make (or find), but it really would be nice to use the program to its fullest!

    Do any of you guys know of any places where folks swap OnSong-ready files. Seems there should be a library of formatted songs out there somewhere, but obviously the developers can't sanction that for legal reasons. Any idears?



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    Some of the songs at can be traslated to Songpro compatible versions by clicking on "Chordpro" button at the right side of the page.


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      I use OnSong to replace my myriad 3-ring binders. To load up a new song, I click the + sign at the bottom right of the all songs list, then click "INTERNET". By typing in a song or artist name, I get a list of available downloads. Some are unusable, but I have about an 80% success rate. After I've put a song into OnSong, I just go in and adapt the format to fit on one page. Seems to work out well for what I want it to do.

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    I'm an OnSong user.  I've got somewhere in the vicinity of 350 songs in my library.   The vast majority of my charts were self-created in my own weird way of charting tunes (basically, chord names for the various parts of the tune - along with whatever notes I feel might be necessary).    Roughly 75% of the songs in my library transferred into OnSong from the collection of Word documents that I originally created the charts in - which was accomplished with a simple upload.    The remaining 25% have either been downloaded from the internet - or created by me using the OnSong "new song" file editor. 

    Personally, the act of creating a chart is part of the learning process for me.   Something about taking the time and effort to write the chart helps me burn the song into memory.   For whatever reason - I rarely remember a song that I'm simply downloaded an  internet chart for as well as I remember songs with charts that I've created myself.  


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      I hate it...Everything about it is a pain in the ass. I use Songbook Pro.

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      Hi, could you please send me your songs library to my email?
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