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    Posted this to amp forum and got zero responses, so I hope I have better luck here -


    Hey guys,

    I wanted to ask for suggestions on a new or used head.  I'm currently playing thru a Marshall Valvestate (1993) 100w head, and it's taking a crap on me.  I used to be all about Marshall, but since I've updated my FX to a GSP rack, I have found that tubes and valves and even valve emulators tend to clash with the modeling from the rack, so I was looking for something just basic, solid state, prefer no FX (reverb ok), and maybe 2-channel, but definitely more interested in the clean channel being.. clean.  

    I'm not looking for a $2k head or anything, just local bar cover-band quality that can deliver good low and high end, and let me rack speak for itself.

    I was looking online, but can't seem to factor out all the amps with built-in effects and valve technologies, so I figured I would ask here.

    So, what's a good, solid, SS amp head out there?


    Worth noting, I've been eyeing up the Ibanez TBX150H head online, so far that's the only one that I've found that seems to be fitting.  Any opinions on this head?

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    No idea.  But, how serious are you in regards to modeling?  Can you go direct into the PA?  If so, maybe you just want to look at going direct into the PA from your modeling stuff and get a powered speaker as a monitor so you can hear yourself.


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      A lot of guys I know find the various Fender amps to be perfect for this.

      I've seen some guys using PA amps or even bass amps for this type of setup as well. Perfectly clean amplification with no coloring. But I can't say any of them were anywhere near as passionate about "loving thier setup" like the Fender guys.

      Personally, I have strayed away from all modelling and mutli-effects systems and have returned to the tried and true Marshall (my main head is a modified JVM) and a few pedals.

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        Guys I know using modelers are using QSC K12's

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      Man. I have a clean sound, a dirty sound and a volume pedal.


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        You might want to try looking for a used Crate Powerblock. You can probably pick one up used for $100-$150. They're a small/lightweight head and will do what you're looking for nicely.

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      Yeah, I think if you're modeling you should get a clean little digital amp and two little 8-10" PA speakers. That's what I've done, I play guitar and keys and run them both throught the same little PA system on-stage. I think it blows away the fender combo amp the other guitarist uses. 



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        Oh, well. Done.