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Our second gig with video evidence!


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  • Our second gig with video evidence!


    Guitar stage right made this video from a couple iPhone recordings. Props to my wife for staying out late on a weeknight and holding her phone steady. :heart:

    Is it a bad plan to use such a low quality recording for a promo video?

    Looking for constructive criticism here.


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    Not enough quality vocals. The ones you put in were low in the mix and pitchy. Example: Ziggy Stardust instrumental part w/ no vox


    Your singer seems very unsure of her vocal ability. Your guitarists stage antics are good, but maybe a bit too animated. 

    Couldnt see drummer, bassist seems bored


    I think your singer just needs to work on her pitchyness and add some vocal harmonies. Good for your second show

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      IMO, I would not use this as go-get-em promo material. The vocals need to be clearer, the mix is very muddy and makes your singer look not so great.

      Do any of you own Blackberry Playbooks? They work better than iPhones for this...although are still not ideal!
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        Have the guitarist in the green face the crowd instead of the drummer.
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          I think the band has a ton of promise but the singer...ugh. You have to make the change sooner than later.