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Advertising Gigs on CraigsList?


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  • Advertising Gigs on CraigsList?

    Do any of you advertise gigs on CraigsList? If so, which catagory? I think I've only seen them in "Musicians" which the general public would never read .

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    I have never advertised a gig on Craig's List nor have I every gone there to look to see who's playing. Our main online marketting is through FaceBook, and this probably accounts for about 90+% of our exposure (coupled with the associated word of mouth), with email, website, and posters in the club making up the remaining 10%.

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      Some bands around here would do it..... and someone always complains about it.  I don't really mind though and wish more places would do it.  It's amazing how slow some venues are to update their entertainment schedule on line.

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    RoadRanger wrote:

    Do any of you advertise gigs on CraigsList? If so, which catagory? I think I've only seen them in "Musicians" which the general public would never read .

    I see bands advertising gigs and also pushing their records in the "Musicians" section and every time I see it I just think "what the hell?" Aside from being kind of annoying since people are posting there mainly to join bands and find members, it seems about one of the least effective places you could be promoting your show. Has ANY music fan ever gone to the "Musicians" section of CL to look for some random gig to attend?


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      The only thing I can think of is if you're a bandless musician sitting home on a Friday or Saturday night you might see an ad there and go. I do see "open mic" (yuck) ads there ll the time and those make sense. I'll admit I have advertised gigs there that would be of interest to musicians like a guy that's been on the cover of Guitar Player I sometimes run sound for. It seems to me there should be a section on CraigsList for finding out who's playing where on a particular night but I haven't found one - it should be a calendar format anyways which they don't support. There are various calendar events style sites but no one "definitive" one that I know of? I'd like one place to go where you can plug in your zip and it lists everything going on, closest first.

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      I've noticed more and more spamming on Craigslist.

      For example, there is some guy who posts daily making it look like he is a keyboard player looking for a band, but all he is doing is trying to get people to look at his Youtube videos:





      I've seen gutiar players do the same, along with some people who don't even try to hide what they are doing by posting just to ask for Facebook likes or Youtube clicks.





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    I probably wouldn't do it, but if it means even one or two extra people at your gig, then why not? What does it hurt? It's free, takes 2 minutes, and only annoys other musicians it seems.
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      I've gotten gigs there from a few venues.
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