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My turn for the set list advice!


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  • My turn for the set list advice!

    I REALLY like choosing set lists - I mean REALLY like it. I try to envision the overall night, how each song starts and ends, and the sculpting of the energy, especially in a set list as diverse as my new funk/ soul/ pop cover band. The night definitely starts off a little chiller and works its way up in energy to get more and more dancier as the booze kicks in and people start wanting to move and have some fun.

    However, I'm a rookie in this style of music - my last cover bands have all catered to hard rock crowds, and this is decidedly different for a vibe. We've got good venues lined up and are realistic about expectations, but I found myself wanting some insight from you cats who are used to playing mid-volume gigs.

    We're hitting the standard Massachusetts bars, not quite clubs, and looking to grow the night from that first drink where people are hanging out and talking up to the "dance until close" time.

    So... thrash away, folks! I welcome your wise insight!

    SET ONE:


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    You have Aeroplane listed twice in Set Three.


    • stevmac1
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      Very nice. I wouldn't change a thing. Great mix of old and new.

      I would stay til the end!!!



    • FitchFY
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      toober wrote:

      You have Aeroplane listed twice in Set Three.

      Right on! Yeah, that second one should be "Soul Man." Thanks!

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    For this not being my primary musical wheelhouse I got to say I really like most of those songs.   I'm very anti pop and typically treat the term pop as one of the most derogatory terms I use.  But aside from some of the disco I'd stay all night for these if you pull them off well.

    Post the concert for us to hear or some demos.  A similar ecclectic band in San Diego is soul asylum.  Check them and their set list  out.


    • sweatpat
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      Soul Asylum? Like Runaway Train Soul Asylum? They play covers now?