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  • gigsalad?

    we are a member of gigmasters.com and have 1 gig booked through there so far. I was wondering about gigsalad.com. we have a free account there but thinking about upgrading. is it worth it?


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    I use it... I wouldn't upgrade. That way you just pay like $2 when you get a hit that matches up. I've asked for I'm guessing 3 in 2 years. And we got one.


    • Kramerguy
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      Editing a comment

      We use gigsalad.  It hasn't worked out for us.  I kept up on it, media, and had actual fans writing great reviews.  We get about 1 bite every  months for a private party or corp event, but they NEVER turn into a gig.  We ask a pretty low rate for private events ($500), which is only $100 above bar pay here.  Most ask $800-$2000, so it's not that we're not competitive.  We have not gained a single paying gig thru gig salad.  Why on earth would I upgrade to a paying account?

      I thought long and hard about WHY can't we book a gig through there, and then it hit me.  People are CHEAP.  It's like trying to find a day job on craigslist.. the very few actual companies that are hiring, and don't want to pay a fee go to CL.. and they are generally those who are not paying well, and aren't really good places to work.  So the same rule applies to gig salad-  If a corporation wants a good band for their annual party, they will pay a couple grand and no care about the 10-15% finder fee that the service charges.  A small and cheap company having their annual party in their own office, tasks a secretary to find a band on CL or a gig-salad deal will only find that bands charge $500+ and then rationalize it down to a DJ for half or less.  

      Cheap people never want to pay.  Free sites attract cheap people.  Simple math.


      Stick with gigmasters, that's as good as you will get without having an agent / agency.

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    I just discovered a new similar site which is completely FREE for artists and performers! Just have a look at www.booknact.com


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      When you guys have it up and running in the US, get back to me!
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