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    My cover band, Souldiers, has practiced twice now with a keyboard player in preparation of our debut show in April. Great guy, great player, but I wasn't sure if we were "clicking" and had some hesitation... he made it easy and e-mailed us the other day and politely bowed out of the gig and band. Well, one less thing to worry about there!

    My original band, Boom Stick, after several months of spinning our wheels, agreed this week to let our singer go, as well. Very nice girl, and a great voice, but clearly is on a different wave length and set of priorities as us. So we sent off that e-mail today (based on geography, it's better to e-mail her than make her drive up for practice only to get the boot) and hopefully she'll understand, as it started "low key," too.

    Solution: Singer from cover band is VERY interested in singing in my original band. Woo hoo! He's coming next Wednesday, having already written melodies and scratch lyrics to some tunes of ours. What a freakin' week, though...

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