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Did I just kill my band or put it into a coma?

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  • Did I just kill my band or put it into a coma?

    Here's my situation. I had one band that's been playing out and had some steady gigs during the heavy season (summer up to Halloween) and even got to open for a national act. I've had some revolving doors but nothing that shut down the band, up until this point.

    The final line up came to me on the only guitar, vocalist, bass and a drummer who is the new guy. Since we got together, we agreed on a practice time which was Wednsday evenings. Since then, the bass player couldn't make it to some practices cause he got family issues and then the drummer got a job doing 3rd shift at Wally World. In the month and half, we only had one full practice. Cause of the everyon'es situation is temprorary and didn't want to fire anyone, I decided to declare the band to be on hiatus.

    During that time, I got in touch with another vocalist and our current vox could also do drums. I also got in touch with a new bass player. So a new band is formed.

    For the members of the last band, I have yet to hear of any concurance from their end. Not that it matters, but did I just put a stake in the heart of my older band?

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    Are they committed and calling you to practice (the old band)? Or just riding the wave until the next gig? If they are not proactive and riding the wave and giving you crap excuses for a committment they made to practice, I have two words: "Say Goodbye". Sometimes destiny is what your dealt, sounds like you got a good deal with new members who WANT to play.


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      If their other life events take priority, then they have to understand that they need to let you continue on your path as well and maybe hook back up in the future.

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    Lotsa holes in the OP.... but based on what it said and the subsequent posts, play with the new bunch, and when the wally world/3rd shift/life hassle people come around, make your decision based on your suituation at that time.


    Lots can change with the new bunch between now and then. Hookers and blow can change a band you know.

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