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  • First Tour question

    Ok gang,

    The band is going to be hitting the road this summer for its first official tour. I know I will have many questions but one that I am thinking about now is how to store the guitars. The band will be using a van and trailer set up. The van will not have much room for guitar and bass cases so they will be in the trailer. I was wondering if the group has some ideas on how best to transport them. They have their own cases but no flight cases currently.  Counting the basses, we are probably bringing 6 instruments. I don

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    All I can say is to make sure you take the instruments into the hotels with you every night. Metallica infamously had their gear stolen back in the `80s on tour and only made it through with guitars/ basses because they were in the rooms with `em.
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      Our guitars are carried in the front van with us and are carried to the room. They are more a part of the luggage than the gear.


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        If the weather isn't too bad, have each person take a turn sleeping in the trailer/van.

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      If you have a trailer, what about a multi guitar kinda case. I don't know if one even exists. Maybe a trunk could be fitted with slots and foam to have all the guitars on their sides. Roll it out of the trailer and into the hotel, all at once.

      Might cost a bit but then you have it forever.
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        I like it, great idea