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Even good Benefit shows have poor turnout

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  • Even good Benefit shows have poor turnout

    Played for free at a well publicized Jammin for Jersey Sandy BENEFIT at Flemington Elks last nite to 8 other musicians and Zero audience !!!!!! I know bands are old schools but scheesh.
    I gotta find another hobby

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    many times I have played a benefit that had a less than stellar turn out but the hurricane sandy ones we did in PA were very well attended. This is shocking that  doing one in jersey and no one showed.


    • mstreck
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      We are playing a benefit today. I have seen no advertising (other than from the five bands who are participating). The last I heard from the organizer was two weeks ago - asking if we were still planning on playing. We were given a start time but no other info - no set lengths or changeover times, no requests for an input list, monitor requirements, etc. I have a feeling that this is going to be a big **************** sandwich. 

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    I had the exact same experience, once. Still makes me squirm thinking about it. I found it humiliating, although the rest of the band had a laugh with it ("Join in the chorus if you know this one! All together now !!" ). So yeah, scheesh.


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      Loaded out and ready to go home. I would have much rather been drinking beer somewhere.
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        How did it turn out?
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          Don't give up!  We played a benefit gig last fall for a large national health charity.  We got there at 30 p.m. to set up.   About 20 people danced in the half-filled room.  Organizer said it was almost sold out(200 people), but many people just pay and don't show up.  Companies bought entire tables too.  Played two sets and finished loading out about 11:30 p.m.  However, we got free food, drinks, and were well compenstated.  Good luck.

          Everybody is terminally ill.


          • GtrGeorge!
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            If the turn out was poor in NJ..consider the obvious..everyone in Nj is tapped out for money. The Hurricans decimated the place. Im in Long Island and we had no gasoline or electricity for a about 2 weeks. We lived in the dark and it was not fun. maybe everyone is still just trying catch up on their bills and cant go out and party. just sayin GtrGeorge

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          Im 60 in april my friends are all out of our demo.i gave up beggin yrs ago when no one listened anyway


          • Potts
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            Kevin T wrote:
            Im 60 in april my friends are all out of our demo.i gave up beggin yrs ago when no one listened anyway


   lets take the word begging out. What did you do to get peopel to the gig then? Hoped?