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Check out this short video from saturday night....


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  • Check out this short video from saturday night....

    We thought we would try this song, and it went over great.  Good country dance song.   Once agin, it was just a cell phone video, so the sound isn't the best.



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     Both of the bands I play with do it. It always goes over well.


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      Not exactly a "new" song. unless you mean new to you....

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    We've added it. 4 part harmony. The last gig we played, we also played it twice. Went over really well!
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       We must be way ahead of the rest of the country. We had to learn it about 2 years ago for a wedding. I remember watching OCMS version on you tube and going what kind of hillbilly hore**************** is this. We added drums and kind of did our own version and it has been one our best songs.