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    Quote Originally Posted by mstreck
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    Doesn't a custom drum head fall under "promo materials"? It does for us - and our band fund paid for ours.

    Btw, our drummer wanted a kickport for it - he paid for that.

    Actually yeah man, I would've pitched in for it and I said that everyone else would as well...but he was pretty adamant about not using Drumart because he doesn't like those heads. Whatever. We got the logo from one of the vinyl sticker places. He bought it and gave me $10 extra for sizing up the artwork and taking care of the ordering. I'm happy.

    I just hope the decal goes on smooth and looks good.


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    Originally Posted by wheresgrant3

    Our singer is basically butchering the Grade A material into deli meat, but don't fear... the crowd is there for big sandwiches.


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      Not that it matters now, but...


      I'm not a fan of the particular brand of head they use either, but I'm not that stubborn, nor too stupid, to recognize the best in the business are just that for a reason.

      I have three custom heads from them for a couple projects I play in; loyal customer at this pont for about five years, and. Wouldn't consider anyone else.

      And yeah, it bears repeating: your drummer ain't going to hear squat difference that means anything by going with a different option vs. the brand of heads drumart.com uses once you do a full head w/art or a cling.
      For cripe's sake, somebody buy that kid a freaking DICTIONARY already!


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        Drumart.com is absolutely the best.

        I bought it and politely asked my drummer to please put it on his bass drum, which he did.

        You need to find a new drummer.




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      By law, the only band allowed to wear its own band shirts is Iron Maiden.

      It was decreed voted upon and settled at the Geneva Convention.
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        If the drummer is reluctant, try to convice him that it could be good for the band.  Buddy Rich, Keith Moon, RIngo, and many other drummers had logos on their BD heads and they did okay.  However, I would not ridicule him too much if he decides not to do it.  Some things just are not worth the argument.