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  • My favorite mashup of the week

    This is one is so wrong that it's completely right....



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    I'm absolutely gonna have to steal this.


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      n9ne wrote:


      I'm absolutely gonna have to steal this.

      I don't know how well it would work in a live situation, unless you added in some lyrics/melody of "Call Me Maybe".  Not sure a live audience would get what you were doing otherwise.  But for the right crowd....

      But I'm fascinated by how well that works and how it completely changes the tone/feel of the NiN vocal.  If nothing else, it's a good case study for how it doesn't matter how angry or intense your lyrics and vocal delivery are---if the music bed underneath doesn't support it properly, it's going to come across as something completely different. 

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    Where is Austin cowbell he would enjoy this one


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      That's awesome. And it also illustrates something I've been talking about for a while now. You don't always have to cover the latest hits as much as cover classics in a modern palpable style. They're just songs. Great songs will always last, it's the beat and all the accoutrements that change with fashion.

      I always looked at being in a cover band as a great opportunity to learn the latest styles and grooves. Learn to separate the two (Songs versus grooves) and your opportunities expand exponentially.
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        For anyone who's interested:  from the same DJ, another humorous juxtaposition of genres:   Michael Buble and Lamb of God





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          The Beverly Hillbillies lyrics sings perfectly to Ghost Riders in the sky.