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"Suit & Tie": Anyone covering JT's latest?


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  • "Suit & Tie": Anyone covering JT's latest?

    We jammed around on "Suit & Tie" last night and I think we can cover it.  Anyone else?

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    I'm a big Justin admirer, but the slow intro to that tune sounds so much like an SNL digital short put on. It cracks my up. Dick in a Box et al. But the song proper, very cool. Very MJ.

    Ain't no sacrilege to call Elvis king
    Dad is great and all but he never could sing -


    • jeff42
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      Not yet but I think we will be working up a version of it soon.

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    We did the verses without the JayZ part Friday and Saturday; worked it into a medley to see if the song has legs --- It does --- I believe that it's gonna be in our set for awhile.

    If you don't sing, don't expect to call the shots....
    Life is too short to waste it on douchebags...
    Sometimes I have this fear... that years from now, being able to play an instrument live will be looked at the same way we look at juggling now... as in "Well, I can see where that is difficult to do, but who cares?
    As a youngster, I was told that money was all that mattered.
    And I didn't believe it.


    • mstreck
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      I wish... but I don't think we're "smooth" enough to pull it off.

      We're shooting for "fun factor" in our song coices more and more.


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    • nchangin
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      Tbone: Justin Timberlake. haha


      I've listened to the song as I'm a DJ, I am forced to listen to new stuff, even though I'm an old man I don't know if I get the attraction to this song and I've listened to it several times???