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Good female vocal songs to do with male singer

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  • Good female vocal songs to do with male singer

    We want to try to add a couple songs that are normally female fronted...simply for the sake of doing it to continue to "push the envelope" and add as much variety as possible. Don't care if they are standards or not, really. Just want cool ideas. A couple ideas we have so far are

    Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

    Never Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot


    We're expecting to have to mess with these and change keys and stuff...but it should be a fun challenge.


    Aside: On the topic of "pushing the envelope"...I posted a thread a while back on if having someone that could rap was essential in this today's environment...well it turns out that person is me. I've totally embraced it and I've gotten great response. I was concerned simply that the tone of my voice wasn't right for it, all the while knowing I was actually good with the words, timing, and inflection. Bust a Move, Gettin Jiggy Wit It, and It's Tricky have all been working great, even getting great response in (don't take this the wrong way) a couple downtown Detroit venues with a VERY "urban" crowd. I just think that if they're diggin' it...I gotta be doing a pretty solid job! On deck for hip hop type songs are It Wasn't Me by Shaggy and hopefully Good Feelin' by Flo Rida. I expect these to work great pretty much everywhere (except Shaggy will be off the setlist for weddings!)

    2nd Aside: Anybody do Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung? We were in the mood to add another 80s song and we talked about Your Love (no...still don't do that one)...but we thought this might be better. Could be a cool opener, especially for weddings. Pile on the cheese...everybody eats it up.



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    Originally Posted by wheresgrant3

    Our singer is basically butchering the Grade A material into deli meat, but don't fear... the crowd is there for big sandwiches.

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    I've always wanted to do Bette Davis Eyes. I've done it at karaoke a few times a couple years back it always worked well.

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      I'm all good with changing gender on songs.  As long as it sounds good (or is a funny parody if that's where you're going with it) I don't think it matters. 

      I haven't ever played those first two, but I don't know how well "Hit Me", which is in E, would work in a lower key for the guitarists.  But, IIRC, the song was written by a guy, and the original lyric to the line "put another notch in my lipstick case" was written as "guitar case" before Benatar changed it.

      Personally, I've always wanted to pile on the cheese by doing "Fun Tonight", but I've never actually tried it.  My impression is that it bombs for most bands that do it.  My guess is a bit too cheezy for the people that remember it, and not much recognition-factor among younger crowds.   But if you do it, be certain to report back on how well it works!

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      • jeff42
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        Female Songs: Raise Your Glass, Hella Good, Lady Gaga's hits.


        My last band did Everybody Have Fun tonight back in 2003ish. It never did a damn thing for us. It was kinda fun to play though.


        As far as the songs you added with "rapping" in it we do Bust a Move, Gettin Jiggy Wit It, Wasn't me and Good Feeling and they ALL work well


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      I touch myself-Divinyls.


      • guitarguy19
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        sweatpat wrote:
        I touch myself-Divinyls.

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      • benzem
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        Def NOT "Hit me with your best shot" IMO...way too girly. But, we do " Heartbreaker" (Benatar) and it works pretty good with our gravelly voiced singer.

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      I've heard Zombie done by male singers in the past and kill.


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        Ive been thinking about learning hazy shade of winter (Bangles). Real high energy, kick ass riff.


        • mstreck
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          What about "Hit Me Baby, One More Time?"

        • jeff42
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          sweatpat wrote:
          Ive been thinking about learning hazy shade of winter (Bangles). Real high energy, kick ass riff.

          WoW I forgot all about that one! We did that one with my last band around 2003. Fun song but never did much for the crowd. We did it kind of like this: (we did include the middle part that this one doesn't... and I added some double bass to the end with made it METAL!!! lol)


        • guido61
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          sweatpat wrote:
          Ive been thinking about learning hazy shade of winter (Bangles). Real high energy, kick ass riff.

          Originally a Simon and Garfunkel tune.  But the Bangles' version obviously rocks much more.


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        Id like to hear a marylin manson style cover of "Like a Virgin"