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  • Acoustic Modeler Guitar Pedals my everlasting quest to get every possible type of guitar sound out of one rig and only 2 guitars...I'm thinking of trying an acoustic simulator type pedal. There are going to be points where clean electric sound will work, but an acoustic sound would be cool, such as playing ballads at weddings. These will be few and far between and not worth bringing and mic'ing an actual acoustic, but this is the only sound I don't have right now, so it may be worth a shot.

    I'm looking at the only 2 I could find...the Behringer AM400 and Boss AC-3. They both have the direct out feature to send the processed acoustic signal straight into the PA and monitors and not through the stage amp, which is the way I'd hook it up. Right now from watching some demos on YouTube and looking at the price, I'm leaning towards the AM400. Has anyone used either of these?

    I know going in it won't be a totally true acoustic sound, but I'm hoping it'll be decent enough to utilize in the few moments an acoustic type sound would be cool.



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    There are quite a few guitars out there with piezos in the bridge... you could even buy an after market one and put it in one of your existing guitars (including a floyd rose model)... IME these sound FAR better than any of the accoustic simulators.

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      I owned the AC-3.  I think I gave it to my son.  It never sounded very convincing to me.

      I use the acoustic patch that comes with the current line of Digitech RP series of multi-fx units for several songs during the evening - and it is passable, IMO.  For sure it is in the RP500 and 1000 - because I own both.  Not sure if it is in the less expensive models of that line.

      To be sure, no-one is mistaking my solid body PRS for a jumbo something or another - but we get through Wagon Wheel, Ants Marching, Squeeze box, sweet caroline, etc. convincingly enough. 



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        I would WAY prefer bringing a 300 dollar Yamaha/etc. with built in pickup to any simulator. They not only don't sound convincing, they sound horrendous. Bring a cheapy acoustic. So many current songs are using acoustic it seems to me it would be well worth the effort toting one.