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  • Just a stellar performance Joan Osborne OT

    Not really a typical topic but something I think most of you would enjoy watching/hearing. Search Youtube for Joan Osborne singing "What becomes of the broken hearted' from her concert with The Funk Brothers. (DVD Standing in the shadow of Motown) Good lord what a performance.

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    That whole doc is fantastic.  There's also footage of her singing "Heard it Thru the Grapevine" in a diner, accompanied only by the musicians banging on the counter, IIRC.

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      One of the best female vocalists out there, IMHO.


      Relish is one of my favorite albums from that era, and the followups were all quite good, too.


      Her last CD is a lot of blues covers, and she just kills it. I've seen her a few times in the past few years and she can really bring it.

      This is from before she was signed - live to 2-track in a club:

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        Yep. Great singer. Great movie.


        • tlbonehead
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          she's the real deal. Especially when she digs into the dirty grungy blues stuff.

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        She was recently involved in a project with Audley Freed, Steve Gorman, and Jackie Greene called Trigger Hippy, but I don't think they ever recorded an album.  There is some stuff on youtube though and it sounds pretty good.  She also did some live stuff with Phil Lesh that was pretty good.



        • Lee Knight
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          I've followed her for years, since the first one (Relish) was released. One album that is WAY overlooked is her second, produced by Mitchell Froom in 2000. Righteous Love. Here's the only one I could find off that album. Quirky cool.



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        I have the DVD of Standing In the Shadows of Motown. In the commentary track, Allan Slutsky points out Pistol Allen's drumming on that song. Pistol was dying of cancer, but didn't tell anybody, because he was afraid they wouldn't let him do the film.

        Check out the drum fill Pistol plays at 3:35. You can tell that being able to play with these musicians again and finally getting recognition for what he did gave him the strength to get through the pain. I get choked up every time I watch this.

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          I love the movie so much. But that was awesome what you just posted there. Seeing it again with that added insight. ^^^ ****************ing great. I don't think I knew about the cancer before. And that fill, and the joy. Awesome.