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  • Restaurant Looking For Exposure?

    (reprinting a response found at craigslist)


    Re: Band Looking For Exposure? Want A Show Off South Congress?

    Wanted: restaurant employees to cook at my band's gig for exposure.  You must provide your own oven and cooking equipment at the bar where we are playing.  You will be cooking for us and for anyone who might walk by the bar.  Please submit a sample of your food for approval.  We can't pay you but it will be great exposure.  You can have one of our beers.  Please limit your equipment due to legal restrictions.  Solo or duo cooks only please.  You can have a tip jar on your oven.


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    Posted: 2013-04-01, 10:10PM CDT

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    Originally Posted by co&cafan808

    chevybusa ****************in delivers the lulz!!!

    Using and abusing Reason 4.0 (with tons of ReFills) and Logic 9 (with tons of soft synths, VSTi's and plug-ins)
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    Originally Posted by OldGuitarPlayer

    Ahhh...John Cage. The ultimate troll.

    Originally Posted by Anderton

    Just remember...machines don't kill music, people do.


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      Somoene posted that on the local craigslist around here AND he even left his name. 



      • jeff42
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        IMO Many restuarant owners honestly just don't understand. They think they are doing YOU a favor because it is a lot of fun to play music.

        Not saying it's RIGHT when they ask for you to play for nothing but I understand that they may not get it... So sometimes, if I can- I explain as nice as possible.