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    They were before my time by only a couple of years, but I know a couple of their songs.  I saw the movie the other night, and was surprised - I don't know if it was realistic or total hollywood hype, but it was definiately entertaining!  I generally don't like kristin stewart - but she played JJ really well!

    Spinal tap still the best R&R movie ever tho!

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    I'm still pissed at Kristen Stewart for cheating on Robert Pattison---and it wasn't with me!
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      I got through about five minutes of it and changed it.  I got farther with Rock of Love, but I had it on mute and contemplated watching the Julianna Hough scenes in slow motion. 

      EDIT:  Spinal Tap was great though.  When I was a kid I thought it was serious so I kind of blew it off, but then I saw it a few years ago as an adult and laughed non-stop.  I thought Almost Famous was also a really good rock movie.