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    New Website!!! You may have to refresh your browser to see it. Simply hit CTRL F5 at the same time. Let me know if you see any major issues please. Seriously...tear it apart. I already know that I need to do something with the "SETLIST" page...

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    Easy to read, clean. The gray is boring. Suggest to change the main color of each tab page, keep one gray, but change the others. This would keep it simple without going carnival but allow each page to have its own personality.


    • guido61
      guido61 commented
      Editing a comment

      It looks really good!  Clean, easy to read, easy to navigate.  Nothing to scroll.   I agree with Toober about the gray--it's a bit boring and downbeat. 

      I'm big on client and fan reviews and comments.   They work well for us, so you might want to consider adding some of those if you think they would work for you.  Great for those "cold call" private event gigs.

      And yeah, break up the songlist into some sort of catagories or paragraphing to make it easy to read, but you knew that already.

      Good work!

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    Is it in your sig? I don't remember how to turn sigs back on to find it.  Maybe post a link in the thread?  Thanks!