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somewhat OT:bandmates who have to like/share/post NSFW stuff on Facebook

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  • somewhat OT:bandmates who have to like/share/post NSFW stuff on Facebook

    My band's drummer and close friend has a tendancy to like/shre/post pictures that would got be in trouble at work. (who dosen't Facebook at work). Some of the stuff is just flat out porn. While I report/block the site he gets them from and I do bring the issue up, he still does.

    Now FB, has become the main tool of communication with the band as well as promotion so I can't just unfriend/block him. I also don't want to fire him over this issue as well.Only solution I can do now, us just use my phone while at work. However, is there some app that block this?

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    You could just unsubscribe from his feed...


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      Or work while you're at work...
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      • jeff42
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        Chicken Monkey wrote:
        Or work while you're at work...

        that's silly.


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      Have you talked to him about it?  You say he is a bandmate AND friend, so the relationship is a little different than just a professional one.  Maybe he will see where you are coming from and agree to not post that kind of stuff anymore. 



      • ForgetMeNacht
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        Aside from my complete lack of apptitude in blocking specific feeds from someone, he does post interesting stuff from time to time. What NSFW stuff he does, I don't mind it on my home compute, just not on my work.



        There is that better or do I need slow it down?