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  • Poster prints?

    We've been doing a lot of small things to up our "game" recently, including making a press kit, taking band pictures, adding a female singer full time, playing more pop music, etc. 

    One of the things I'd like to do is create a poster using some of our pictures to be able to bring to the places that we gig. I'd like to be able to put a picture and our band name with date and time on it. What I have found so far costs around $13 a poster. 


    Does anyone have any cheaper suggestions?



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    our color posters are usually free. I out them together and send the file to my local Bud distributor. They put their advertising header on them and print what I need.

    -For Sale:
    -set of GFS Dream 90s- gold and black pearl- $40 shipped in the cont. US
    -(2) Celestion G12M-70 16 ohm guitar speakers in good condition $40 ea. + shipping.
    - Vox VT15 Valvetronix very clean - $85 + shipping
    - Hughes Kettner Edition Tube 20 (the early Voxy sounding one) Sounds & looks good. $250 + shipping. SOLD
    - Crate Palomino V8 - 10" Celestion - Very clean - on Ebay (sold)


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      Discmakers, which made my cd, prints 11 x 17" posters @ 100 for $59....59 cents each. This is it:


      http://www.discmakers.com/products/posters.aspcover-for-web copy.jpg

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      Here is a Blues tune I do w/my trio to warm up:


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