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Great gig subbing last night


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  • Great gig subbing last night

    It's been a long time since I've been on stage - last band imploded last June, there was a failed attempt at resurrecting my band from 3 years ago, a bunch of auditions, etc etc. Last week I replied to a CL ad looking to add a guitar player. They apparently got a ton of replies (insert guitar player joke here) and asked for a video. A little different, but I thought it was a pretty good idea. So I made up a little video and sent it on wednesday night. 


    Friday morning I get an urgent email from them. Their regular guitar player was admitted to the hospital Thursday night with a staph infection and couldn't make their show Friday night. Added to that, it was their singers last show with them and the drummer had  a pile of people coming out for a retirement party of sorts for a co-worker. Cancelling wasn't an option for them, and they wanted to know if I could fill in. I have never subbed before, knew absolutely no one in the band nor seen them, so why not!

    I took the afternoon off work to brush up on a few tunes, met the band at the bar and jumped in with both feet. The guys in the band were way cool, and super appreciative that I showed up. The bass player had a work buddy that played guitar show up as well, so we could play more songs from their set list (I knew about half of them). The first set was a little rough; by mid second set though, you'd have thought we'd all played together before. The bar was packed and rockin' till the end of the 3rd set plus we played a two song "encore" at the behest of the bar owner. What a fantastic way to get back on stage.

    The band thought I was great and a good fit, so it looks like the band drought is over. As a side note, turns out I was the only person to send them a video....


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     Good deal! Hopefully it turns into a good band gig.


    • FitchFY
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      That's awesome, man! Many permanent band gigs come from doing quality sub-work; it often gives the original guy a clean break if he's looking to get away (which is often why they need a sub in the first place).

      Good on you and the band for being pros and putting together a quality show! I love hearing about that stuff!

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    992gnt wrote:

    .... As a side note, turns out I was the only person to send them a video....

    It absolutely amazes me how few people can follow directions or simple requests!!!

    BTW: Sounds like a fun gig. I love jumping without a net every now and then.

    Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. -Will Rogershttp://facebook.com/SpitShineRocks


    • kl285528
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      Great story! Had a drummer sub for us with no rehearsal, and was95% perfect. Amazing it can pull together like that . Really a testament to your ability.

    • 992gnt
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      Well myself and the other sub guitarist are are in. The previous guitarist was wanting out apparently. The drummer told me that before the show he and the bass player were talking about "taking a break", and after the show, they couldn't wait to get things moving in a new direction. Now the hunt for a new singer begins. Feels good to be part of a project again.