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Going through Old videos of my last band


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  • Going through Old videos of my last band

    Off of work today but dr. says to take it easy... what do I do? Go through some old video of my last band "There & Back Again" 10 years of stuff. Some better than i remember some worse than I remember. We were a band that IMO had lots of faults but lots of great things about us too. Never reached the level I wanted but I still get asked weekly by people that come see Ostrich Hat when TBA's next show is... I tell them I'm not sure but if the right gig comes around we'll do it... honestly I don't know if there will be one. 

    Anyway I figured I'd share some I found (some have been online for a long time)


    A Sunday Night at club in Allentown... yeah there was Maybe 20 people there. HA!

    Casino Gig doing some top 40 dance/pop

    American Cancer Society Montage

    Benefit for a fellow Musician that got in a bad Accident

    Our Elvis Medley we put together to open up a local Performing Arts Center

    Our Blue Brothers Bit we put together to open up a local Performing Arts Center

    Casino Battle of The Bands Montage. We placed in the top 10 out of 50+ bands (still never got a gig there again... IDK)

    Something from 2004ish?


    Something from 2003ish?


    Enjoy my little trip down memory lane.... I'm kind of bored today.


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    Always liked your band Jeff and I had wished I had made it across the border to see a show or two. I think you'll remember giving your singer some great props... he had a great voice and seemed to be the most umpretentious male rock singer I've ever seen. Very humble from what I could tell. Had TBA played in my market you would have been the band I'd want to see on my off nights. No drama, just people playing for the fun of it. 


    That being said I love seeing how you've made OH grow out of nothing. Keeping things small and simple and using ideas that would have been fought against or dismissed in the previous band. Definitely more with the times and it sounds great! I will make it to Beech Mountain one day for a sunset deck gig. LOL

    so over this signature BS!!!