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  • What covers would you really like to play

    .. regardless of crowd response?  If you could play some songs in the band for pure pleasure only, what would you choose?

    Me, I'd do these (most are guitar centric of course):


    Hocus Pocus - Focus

    Phantom of the Opera / 22 Acacia Ave. - Iron Maiden

    Hot for Teacher - VH

    YYZ / Vital Signs / La Villa Strangiato - Rush

    Lamb lies down on Broadway - Genesis

    And Justice For all (title song) - Metallica

    Under the Blade - Twisted Sister

    Hiroshima Mon Amour - Yngwie Malmsteen


    Man that would be one helluva set ... to clear the venue!!

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    Ones I really like:

    Some kind of wonderful
    Dust on the bottle
    Beer in Mexico
    Detroit rock city
    PA Unity15's over LS800p's. YX15's, YX12's IPR power, RM32AI

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    • jeff42
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      There are 100s! I'll pick a few right now based on what I am jamming to:

      The Clairvoyant - Iron Maiden

      A National Acrobat- Black Sabbath

      Holy Wars... The Punishment Due- Megadeth

      Inequality Street- Skyclad

      I Want Out- Helloween


      (If I ever win a billion dollars playing the lottery I will be putting a band together that travels the country plays covers that I like... which would be mostly obscure rock and metal tunes)



    • guido61
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      One of the reasons I've become so comfortable with playing "whatever the crowd likes" over the years is that I learned that even my most beloved songs become boring to play after awhile.  And that I'd rather suffer performance-burnout over Brown Eyed Girl than, say, Aja.  

      But my favorite guilty-pleasure songs to perform over the years have probably been things like "Behind The Lines" by Genesis, "Roundabout" by Yes and pretty much anything by Steely Dan.  Most of which I never got burned out playing because they didn't stay in the setlist long enough to do so.

      My "dream band" set list would have a lot of 80s synth-pop tracks.  A lot of Fixx, Tears for Fears, IceHouse, etc.  But I'd hate to hate those songs.  OTHO, I've really got no problem getting sick of playing of Katy Perry.   Does any of that make sense?

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    I'd be in a Rolling Stones cover band.
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    My cover band



    • kl285528
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      Ok, Rolling Stones cover band for me, too!

    • tlbonehead
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      mstreck wrote:
      I'd be in a Rolling Stones cover band.


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    I would do a the cure tribute band and play the entire Disintigration album.  


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      I guess I'm lucky. I get to mostly play exactly what I want, recently, which is modern Top 40 guitar driven country rock (ala Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, Like Bryan, Tim McGraw, Eric Church, etc.)

      That said, I'm a really big fan of the way electric guitar can mix with acoustic instruments, especially fiddle (see Randy Rogers Band, Pat Green, Roger Creager and a host of other TX singer/songwriters) and if I could find a solid fiddle/auxiliary playing musician to play with it would really compliment my songwriting and performing more.


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        Victim of Illusion - Michael Schenker Group

        Find Your Back - Starship

        E.T.I. - Blue Oyster Cult

        Shadow Boxing - Extreme

        Flight of Icarus - Iron Maiden

        2 Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden

        Stand Up and Shout - Steel Dragon

        Can't Live - The Scorpions

        Love to Love - UFO

        Joanie's Butterfly - Aerosmith

        Theme for an Imaginary Western - Mountain

        Gypsy Road - Cinderella

        Switchblade Serenade - Spread Eagle

        Cool the Engines - Boston

        Shoot to Thrill - ACDC

        To name more than a dozen or so that come to mind.

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          Gentle Giant's Free hand album's songs and King Crimson's Cat Food and Lady's on the Road.


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            I've always kinda wanted to front a Garth Brooks tribute band. I sing his stuff fairly well and it's been so long since he toured, I'd think people would still be hungry to hear his stuff but I might be wrong.


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              The Grays - "Very Best Years"

              Jellyfish - Pretty much anything, but especially "Joining A Fan Club" and "That Is Why"

              Superdrag - "Sucked Out",  "Keep It Close To Me", and "Hellbent"

              Sloan - "She Says What She Means" and "Money City Maniacs" (or pretty much anything)

              Rush - "La Villa Strangiato" (or pretty much anything that didn't get too much airplay)

              Van Halen - "Hang 'Em High" (or pretty much anything relatively obscure)

              Helmet - "Unsung"

              The Beatles - "She Said She Said" or "Got To Get You Into My Life" (the latter with proper instrumentation)

              Oh, and ANY King's X, Living Colour, or Extreme tune

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                I think I'd be happiest in a Delbert McClinton tribute band .... 

                The SpaceNorman


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                • modulusman
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                  SpaceNorman wrote:

                  I think I'd be happiest in a Delbert McClinton tribute band .... 

                   The drummer I'm playing with this weekend supposedly use to be Delberts drummer.

                • tlbonehead
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                  SpaceNorman wrote:

                  I think I'd be happiest in a Delbert McClinton tribute band .... 

                  very nice!!!

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                Kramerguy mentioned Focus - Hocus Pocus. Man I love that song! I had an idea some time ago: I want to use it as an intro to another song but I never found a suiting song to follow Hocus Pocus. Every other song is a deception with such an awesome intro...

                Some covers I would play:

                Beatles - Because

                Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star

                Guns N' Roses - Estranged & Civil War

                Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut

                CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings

                Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

                Doors - Love Me Two Times

                Kins of Leon - Notion (we actually play Pyro, the whole audience is in awe but no one sings along or dances ofcourse.)


                just to name a few....



                • lsits
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                  All The Young Dudes

                  Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

                  Golden Country

                  Stone Cold Crazy

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                MusicalSchizo's and Rocketking's lists are closest to mine. I'll list a few songs I'd love to play:

                Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney

                Times Like These - Foo Fighters

                Estranged, It's So Easy, Locomotive - Guns N' Roses

                Like Rats - GODFLESH

                Let's Get It Up - AC/DC

                In The Meantime - HELMET

                Beautiful World, Jerking Back And Forth, Explosions - DEVO

                I Die: You Die - Gary Numan

                Uniform Of Youth - Mr. Mister

                Take Me To The Top, Chance Of A Lifetime - Loverboy

                The Good In Everyone, If It Feels Good Do It - Sloan

                Don't Go To Pieces, Stranger Eyes - The Cars

                (This is my Non-Signature.)