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  • No Gigs til 8/23

    And I'm glad to have the time off! Heading out on Friday morning on my motorcycle to ride down to Myrtle Beach (about 10 hours away) and meet my wife and a couple friends. One of the friends parents have a condo right on the beach so we get to live it up for free. I can only stay til Tuesday due to no vacation time left, but the long weekend getaway will be nice. My wife is already in SC visiting her family and will meet me there Saturday and she's staying all week, so even after I get back I have the house to myself.

    I hooked up with a Pink Floyd tribute band that 2 members of my band had formed 20 years ago. They decided they were "going to put the band back together" and asked if I would cover keys. Of course! My bass player is also playing keys and doing a lot of the Roger Waters type singing. I'll be the main key player and he'll cover the parts that overflow, and handle all the sound fx stuff. My guitar player is the drummer- he's pretty amazing on every instrument. I went up just to see what was happening last night and ended up sitting in on Run Like Hell, Wish You Were Here, and Pigs. I've never played any of them before except Run, a long time ago, so it was fun learning them on the fly. They are songs you've heard a million times so it wasn't super hard.

    The reason we have such a long layoff is the drummer in my band is going to Ireland for 2 weeks. We had to turn down a great gig that was going on at that time, but oh well, time off never hurts!

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    Enjoy the time off!

    I'd have a blast playing in Pink Floyd tribute band.  There's one around here that asked me to do it awhile back, but I just didn't have the time or was able to make the commitment.   I might do it if I could insist on having the entire "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" in the set list though....lol



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      Yeah the nice thing about this is it's a very low time commitment. Only a few shows a year. Once a week rehearsal right now but that will probably change up to every 2 weeks once a hunk of the show is under our belts. With 2 of the guys in my main band, it'll be easy to manage the time. I'm gonna make a nice big Floyd playlist on my phone for the ride down to MB.