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starting a band at 30, again.


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  • starting a band at 30, again.

    I have a tortured relationship with music. I started playing music at 10 (flute) and got enough good at it to enter the city's ensemble during junior high. At 13 I picked up guitar and started a band. By the age of 21  played as a guitar player and drummer in several punk/hardcore/metal bands and was literally obsessed with it thinking all day about riffs and drumbeats. I started touring in a DIY fashion and was lucky enough to play big shows as well. I also ended up playing in one of my fav bands in the genre during that time. Then suddendly I had to stop due to health issues. I got back to Uni, which I was neglecting because of all the practicing/touring. I finally got a degree at 27, moved to the UK, and right now am in the process of getting another degree in a good Uni. I'll be done (I hope) at 29. In the meantime I got tinnitus in both ears and wear earplugs when in bars/venues. My fitness level hit a historical bottom, my body does not allow me to tour right now (back probs mostly). I stopped playing shows at 22 but kept recording stuff on my own. My guitar level hasn't evolved much, I am a good rhythm guitar player, no solos, unfortunately. There are a few hundred riffs in my hard drive waiting to be arranged and a dozen of unreleased songs. Some of them would have been succesful 8 years ago, now they just sound obsolete. I think I am able to write more up to date material, my creativity seems still there. I look around and some of the lads I used to know in the scene made it quite big. I would like to play tours again. Does it make sense though? I am afraid that the comparison with my previous experience might be crippling. Also, it's about time to start a carrer, I am not a teenager anymore...

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    I think I have a tortured relationship with this post....

    assuming the whole thing isn't a put on...do what feels right for you and keep your expectations realistic.  Is pursuing music a great CAREER choice for you?  Based on what you posted about yourself---probably not.  But if you don't mind putting your eventual career choices awhile longer and pursuing music is something you'd find enjoyable doing in the meantime...why not?


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      Now they sound obsolete, eh? Bruno Mars is doing great on the obsolete Police sound of decades ago. It may sound old to you but to others who will hear it for the first time, it might sound pretty good. Your description does not sound like you could endure being part of a band full time, especially with your back, unless you have roadies. Just the mere fact that you are asking strangers about it says your heart is not 100% into it, and that means you won't be 100% happy. Is your degree in music or another interest?


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        Sorry to hijack, but I'm doing it anyway.

        When the hell did Bruno Mars start sounding like the Police? That's crazy talk!

        Anyway. . . What was to OP rattling on about? Turning 30 and not having a career? Get a real job/career and then start pursuing your musical goals on the side. Plus you might make some money along the way that you can use to buy some musical stuff like. . . 



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      Locked Out of Heaven screams Police.
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        What's your 2nd degree in? If it's  Ph.d., that screams get a job. Get a allen and heath small format mixer and do some home recordings to help your music addiction, or go into the real world and look for some bands to tour with. Only you will know where that road will end up. Keep in mind I know in the USA you have 6 months from graduation to start making those student loan payments assuming same applies in the UK,



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        mstreck wrote:
        Locked Out of Heaven screams Police.

        No way. We play that song. I don't see how that sounds like the police. 

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      I'm trying to figure out the ways that song DOESN'T sound like The Police. The drumming is more straight ahead than what Copeland would have done. But everything else sounds like a direct rip off to me.


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        30 years old and starting a band? I started my last band at 45. If this project folds I'll start another in my 50's. It's what you do when you love music.

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        Wow, I just hit the YouTube to listen to "Locked Out Of Heaven".

        Production values aside, that song really sounds like The Police, with a side order of The Outfield (I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight). If somebody had told me that it was a new single from The Police, I would have believed them until I realized it wasn't Sting singing.

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      a) I want to hear the Bruno Mars song when I get home and youtube is not blocked.

      b) OP, I think most people on this forum work a day job in addition to playing in bands. 

      Also, I think your hours of recordings may still come in handy.  Pick out the best stuff and present it to future bandmates.  The bass player (bandleader) of the current band I am playing with pretty much did the same thing and it was helpful in getting songs off the ground.  Granted, the finish result is a lot different than his initial recording... but that's what happens when other influences (musicians) get involved.  And you say you were into punk/hardcore and now it sounds outdated??  Since when is that style of music about following trends?



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        Haha... i've played heaps of music - never really "gotten anywhere" and frankly, dont have the talent.... i have a somewhat successful day career, that i like most days - I play music, and I'll play it... well, until i'm too old. 

        Theres no market for dad bands here in australia at all (and i am a dad)... but i think get out there. Find some guys who are into the same stuff as you, and see how it feels. You'll know.



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          OP - you're WAY overthinking this.   If you feel like playing - play.  If you don't - don't.  Agonizing about where it might end up before you're actually going anywhere is wasted energy.   If you decide to play - the best you can hope for is that you'll be successfull enough to create opportunities that will require you to make choices regarding where your music is going to go - and that you make the best of those opportunities.   If those opportunities aren't staring you in the face at this moment - forget about 'em for now and focus on creating some opportunities so you have something to decide. 

          If all you're doing is jamming out in your basement and yet are seriously talking about "making it"  ... that's like talking about what you're going to do with all the money from a Lottery that you haven't actually won.   Dreaming about it is fun (not all that damn practical, but fun!).   Agonizing  over it is borderline crazy.

          Just curious OP ... what degrees have your earned / going to earn?   If it's anything other than music - and you're thinking you've facing BIG decisions regarding where your music career is going - you better get your head on straight.   You've essentially "planted corn but are expecting to harvest beans". 

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