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    Any of you guys do any of this stuff?   We pull out a "cocktail" set occassionally.   Not too often.  Handful of times a year, maybe.   Fun to do when we do though.

    I thought I'd share a couple of clips of us doing this stuff.  (audio only)  Mostly just to show off the girls.  The backing band is pretty sloppy (somebody shoot that piano player already, will ya!) as we're just fumbling through some songs we haven't played in a long time.   But good singing is the key.  Nail the vocals, and most of the rest will be forgiven by most audiences, IME.  (doesn't excuse sloppy playing of course, but .... just sayin'...)

    Sarah is singing "At Last".  First time we played the song with her, unrehearsed.

    Tiffany is doing "Fly Me To The Moon".


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    Great stuff man. Yep- it's all about the vocals! You have a great band though!


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      Hey, thanks man.   I'm really proud of my girls.  I love them to pieces.

      Nice thing about doing jazzier stuff is one man's clam is another man's "artistic choice". 

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    We have some jazz standards mixed in with our set, but we only rarely concentrate them in a "cocktail set". We do fly me to the moon, bye bye blackbird, sin to tell a lie, all of me, ain't misbehaving, and a few others. Before we added a mandolinist, I did them on uke, which made for a great texture on a few of them. On others, we'll do head-solo-solo-solo-head arrangements, and just vary the out-ness and fury of the solos depending on the feel of the event.

    As far as the singer getting off time, it might not hurt to give her a count on the pauses--at last, 2,3,4,5,6, my love has come along...
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      I (for real) soundcheck with Mack the Knife every show



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        TrickyBoy wrote:

        I (for real) soundcheck with Mack the Knife every show


        Video, or it didn't happen.  

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      We have roughly an hour's worth of cocktail set material.  Of that - there are maybe three or four songs we do with vocals - the rest being purely instrumental pieces.   With a sax, trombone and trumpet on top of the usual guitar and keys - there are plenty of "lead capable" instruments - so we're able to pass around solos to keep things from getting too monotonous.   The material we do is a mix of "blues jazz" and "smooth jazz" sorts of tunes.  

      Left to my own devices - I have me some definite "lounge leanings" - so I really enjoy the gigs where the cocktail stuff gets played.

      As long as we keep the volume under tight control - and give the jazzy stuff "room to breathe" - it virtually always goes over well - and helps the whole band in terms of warming up for our real show.  It also gives us time to dial in the PA a bit as well.  

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