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Thinking about changing up the band website


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  • Thinking about changing up the band website

    hey everyone take a lookie at the band's website. give me some ideas. I want to give it a facelift.



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    Hey Jeff! I do this anytime anyone asks. I've done a bunch of sites and this visual com stuff is what I've been studying while getting my bachelors. So no offense intended. I'll just toss out a couple of ideas.

    Some may not like the color scheme but I do- I've always been a fan of the black/charcoal theme. The background is good. It would be cooler if it were just about 15\% more transparent though. The biggest issue is readability. The outside "glow" has got to go. It's very difficult for my eye to adjust to. If it's a mess for me it has to be the same for some others. The best thing to do in these situations is code for the masses and dump it. I think if you simply remove the outside glow, your text will be OK. 



    I think the headers are difficult to read as well. And again, I understand what you're trying to do but read-ability is everything. It's AWESOME for your band name at the top but don't take away it's value by over-using it in menus and headers throughout the page. Find a simple to read script or something for the headers. Go with white lettering IMO.  Or you could go with a narrower version of the "One Big Sound" font. Try it and see what it looks like. That may be good.  Again it will compliment your logo.




    I really think that you should remove the middle "shadow" in this too. It's a cool heading..I think it's getting ruined a bit because it's getting a little washed out with the background photo.



    Bump up the font on your gig listings too. Those are the most important thing on your home page. Make them seen (and get rid of the outside glow)

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      The second paragraph of your "about" blurb breaks a big promo rule--no negativity.  Don't tell us what you aren't.  Ever been on a date with a girl who tells you, "I'm not, like, a girly-girl" or "I'm just not into the drama"?  It's never true, and in a band's case, it sounds like you're ****************ting on the other bands in the area.  

      I'm not sure your song list is working for you as printed--it's an awesome group of songs, but when you've got it broken up, it just looks like you haven't got enough of any one thing to keep it going for a whole night.  Maybe just one master list in alphabetical order.