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Are the Vegas Hotels Union?


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  • Are the Vegas Hotels Union?

    We are scheduled to do a wedding reception in Vegas early next year at one of the large hotels on the Strip.  I've had some experiences unloading in a union setting where the hotel would not allow us to touch anything unless their staff loaded it in and out.  Cost us extra that I had not anticipated.  That was a while ago, so I am not up on union wages now.  I'm not talking club here, but the hotel.  Anybody deal with this in Vegas?  I'm ok with it, I just have to budget it.  Another option would be to rent backline and have those guys set up and break down.  I'd rather have my own stuff though.  I suppose I could just call the hotel and ask.  Hahaha.

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    Depends on the hotel. Nevada is a right-to-work state, but many of the strip hotels are union. Not sure how far that extends to load ins. I never had that issue when I lived/played there, but I didn't work in Strip casinos much.


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      PM Bassred. He'd know better than anyone else here, I would imagine.


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        Yeah, good idea.  I called the hotel and finally got to speak with a human being,  who didn't know sheet.  I just went ahead and factored in an extra couple hun in case I get hit.  I had a large hotel in Chicago back in the day when we were traveling who refused to let us load in.  Management just shrugged and it was a staredown until we finally let their staff load us in and out.  I think it was like 18 bucks an hour back then if memory serves, I really don't remember, just that it was a lot to us. I don't have a problem with it necessarily, but just don't like surprises.   Paid the union steward and I have no idea what he paid the guys.  Just wasn't prepared for that.  I am now I guess.