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Anyone using a PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2?

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  • Anyone using a PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2?

    It's next on my wish list - all in one with 10 aux sends. I've heard great things about the 16 channel version. Any opinions on the 24?

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    It's bigger!

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      Don't have one, but I've used one twice for an annual senior's variety show that I've been running sound for the last seven years. Decent board. Stiff learning curve for the analog comfortable. That said, I just upgraded my MixWiz to a Mackie DL1608. (First show where it was used, was last Friday.) 16 channels is really all I need, even for the seniors. (And that senior's variety show was 6 shows each year and all the mic live rehearsals. A fair amount of use.) I'm comfortable with the 24.4.2, but the price and extras that I don't need put it out of the running for my needs. (Already comfortably using Cubase Artist 6 and have a 16 channel input device for my computer.) If I needed to add the recording capabilities from scratch, the savings would more than make up for the price difference. It's a good board, but without a good reading of the manual, you'll be wandering around without being able to utilize many of its best features. So download the manual, study it, then spend some time with one. You will know if it's a good fit for you.


      • WynnD
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        I've been thinking that next year, I just might bypass the Personus and just use the Mackie while I mix with the ipad in the audience. (The senior's show usually takes about a month of free time. Cutting recordings down, changing keys... Making the songs fit the act. Recording the pianist to provide rehearsal material for the singers and dancers and also provide an emergency backup if our seniors don't live long enough to do the show. Been lucky on that so far. Wonderful people.)

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      I have a 24.4.2 and a 16.0.2 I use them all the time. I've remote mixed with them for over 2 years now. The 24 gives you 4 band PEQ's 8 GEQ's that can be assigned to the mains, aux's and subgroups. SMAART tools, and the ability to multitrack the gig.

      The new AI version is coming out. It allows you to mix by adding a router to the mixer. This won't give you recording capabilities, but it's easy to set up remote mixing via iPad.

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      • WynnD
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        I've seen a rumor that ios 7 breaks the studiolive ipad app. Someone who actually knows should chime in. Because when I upgraded my ipad last Saturday, outside of a couple of new security locks on the built in microphone, I haven't had anything not work. (Or I haven't found it yet. I didn't upgrade before last Friday's gig and others in my unofficial DL1608 forum reporting no problems. I'm a little gun shy about upgrading anything quickly. Been burnt by MS all the time and Apple on occasion.)

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      I've heard there's been issues. I haven't upgraded yet. I'm a late adopter, I'd rather sit out the latest update for a bit every time, in case there's a few bugs.
      PA Unity15's over LS800p's. YX15's, YX12's IPR power, RM32AI

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        I play in a 7 piece group. We use the StudioLive 24.4.2 as our in-ear monitor board because it has a send for each member. I'm sure it is overkill for our application but we have it and it works great!

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          Guitar Slim wrote:

          I play in a 7 piece group. We use the StudioLive 24.4.2 as our in-ear monitor board because it has a send for each member. I'm sure it is overkill for our application but we have it and it works great!

          That is one of the main reasons that I want to get that board. There are five of us and we all want to use in-ears. 10 aux sends plus the on-baord effects, etc., make it pretty hard to resist.

          Plus being able to save our mix/EQ settings for different venues? That alone should save our sound guy a ton of work.


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        We started using the 16 channel about  year (or so) ago as a dedicated monitor board,
        it gives everyone their mix plus whatever effects they want, eq, compression.... so that part is fine....

        but the monitor knobs are notched (in increments) so when you adjust the gain, instead making 1 db (perceived) adjustments it can only give you 4 db (perceived) jumps in volume/gain which sucks. So it's hard to make vry small adjustments in your mix.The only way we've found around it is if everything is gained (way) lower than unity.

        (Every Accapella group we're billed with uses those things as IEM / monitors BTW.....)

        Also there was an Iphone app for adjusting your own mix from across the stage and it was glitchy (like most of technology). Great idea, never used it. I'm sure they have it fixed by now so I'll just run right over and invest another 10 minuetes of my life .....

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        • wheresgrant3
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          For years we used an Allen & Heath Mix Wix 3:2 and it was the Terminator of mixing boards. Over 700 performances we never had a problem with any channels, faders. Reliable as hell. Last January we were looking to replace it with the Presonus. We just couldn't swing it in the band fund so we went with the Mackie dl1608 iPad Mixer. I immediately protested. I'm not a Mackie supporter at all having owned previous mixers and SRM450's that tended to overheat. In fact looking at the specs on the dl1608 it looks like a toy, not a professional gigging equipment. I couldn't have been more wrong. The ease and use of the mixing software is as easy as turning on your iPad and sliding your finger across a fader. The preamps are Onyx... bright, crisp yet warm in the midrange. 6 aux out and indepdent controls via iPad or iPhone. So all six of us on stage have complete independent control over our monitor mix. Great digital effects. Don't get me wrong the Presonus is an amazing board and with it's hardware surface undeniably a better appliance, but the Mackie product is certainly no toy... and affordable. $999. The same features in the Presonus was $1899. 

          Still not a fan of Mackie products but I think some smart ideas and engineering when into this product. Since the mixing envirnoment is virtual Mackie can release updates all of the time and new features are offered. And we are not lugging around a 50lb case and board.