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Never say never, but these songs will never leave our setlist:


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  • Never say never, but these songs will never leave our setlist:

    Which ones have you had around forever, they pretty much kill 99% of the time, and you don't really see a scenario where they'll come out of the setlist (at least not anytime soon). Ours are (in no particular order)

    It's Tricky

    Some Kind of Wonderful

    Baby Got Back

    Funky Music

    Brick House

    You Shook Me

    All the Small Things

    Sweet Caroline

    500 Miles

    Blurred Lines (at least right now I can't see this song going anywhere...so it's on the list)


    What are your never say nevers?



    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix

    Originally Posted by wheresgrant3

    Our singer is basically butchering the Grade A material into deli meat, but don't fear... the crowd is there for big sandwiches.

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    My Own Worst Enemy 

    The Middle.


    I keep trying to kill them but they are undead zombies of the music world.


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      Funky Music- usually for private parties we whip it out.

      You Shook Me- we do this once in awhile

      All the Small Things- our opener for the last few shows, but we have been doing it almost every gig for ahwile

      Sweet Caroline- usually for private parties 

      500 Miles- almost every gig for 2+ years.

      Dynamite is another one that has been with us forever. Same with Semi-charmed, Laid, Crazy little thing called love- leads off our whole "olides" medley. Bodies Hit The Floor is another one.



      • guido61
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        I don't see these going anywhere from our setlist anytime soon:

        You Shook Me All Night Long

        Walking On Sunshine

        Stayin' Alive



        I Love Rock n Roll


        Love Shack

        oh and, of course, Don't Stop Believin'.


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      500 Miles
      Let's Stick Together

      At least one of these will show up on every gig I end up playing; usually more than one.


      • wheresgrant3
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        Many of these have been in our setlist 5 years or longer and they still get a great crowd response. Some I wish didn't

        Don't Stop Believing

        Pour Some Sugar

        Baby Got Back


        Let Me Clear My Throat

        My Own Worst Enemy

        All The Small Things

        American Girl

        It's Getting Hott in Here

        Living On A Prayer

        I want You To Want Me


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      Blister In the Sun


      • wheresgrant3
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        Howie22 wrote:
        Blister In the Sun

        How could I miss that? Winner!

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      I've got a feeling that American Girl won't pull people in, but if they're already there...

      "MAKE IT LAST ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!"
      Free prog-related metal from Michigan.