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REALLY excited about a new tune we're adding


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  • REALLY excited about a new tune we're adding


    This is pretty much the direction I want us to be moving toward. NO ONE in the area is covering this deep of a cut. It's all Iron Man or Paranoid. Yes, we open with Paranoid, but it's a solid opener for a band with a female singer. It sets the tone. "Pay attention, because we're like no other band around here."

    I was just listening to it for the 100th time, and the "bridge" drum beat starting at ~2:16 is so fun to play. I can't wait!

    Our next Sabbath tune will likely be Sweet Leaf or The Wizard. Just have to teach her how to play harmonica...


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    If by "deep cut" you mean a song that most of your audience will not recognize, I have to wonder if they will share your excitement.


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      rangefinder wrote:

      If by "deep cut" you mean a song that most of your audience will not recognize, I have to wonder if they will share your excitement.

      The audience has been good so far. Songs like GFR's Paranoid, James Gang The Bomber, Pixies Where is My Mind? have had great response.

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    OK... Good.
    Ain't no sacrilege to call Elvis king
    Dad is great and all but he never could sing -


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      Lee Knight wrote:
      OK... Good.

      This last little discourse between us got me thinking about a couple of things that might be interesting for folks here to discuss (or not):

      1) The idea of sharing a communal appreciation for a certain thing and thriving off of each other's involvement in it is so basic to what it means to be in a BAND, that I just assumed that'd be taken for granted.

      2) The phrase "taking it to the next level" gets thrown around here quite a bit.  And usually people think of money/type of gigs when they hear the phrase.   But what I think it REALLY means is being able to take that "communal appreciation" and share it with a wider audience.  Which, in turn, would naturally lead to better/bigger gigs and more money.  (Hopefully, anyway.)  The two things are NOT mutually exclusive.

      See, this is the thing that drives me most crazy about the debates and arguments that often pop up around here---because at the end of the day, we're really all trying to get to the same place with our bands:  we all want to reach the widest possible audience, play as much as we want to play, and make as money as we can in the process. 

      The details on how we all might get there ARE important though.  There IS a process involved.  It's not just "if I love what I do enough, people will love me and my band".   It IS a business.  Performance IS both an art and a skill.  The audience and the people who might hire us to perform ARE all part of the equation that need to be considered and SHOULD be part of that "communal appreciation" we're all participating in. 

      THOSE are the things we should and do discuss here.  That we all do it because we love doing it really isn't even debatable, is it?