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  • Introduce your band!

    Hey all!

    In the interest of getting to know one another, tell us about your band! Name, where you're located, style of music, originals or covers, what your role in the band is, anything else you'd care to share. Links to your web site or music are cool, too.

    And if you don't play in a band but would like to, tell us who you are and what you're looking for!

    I play guitar and co-write in a rock'n'roll band called What The...?. We've been together four years, released an independent CD in 2003 and recently completed a second one which will be out later this year. Already working on a third! Our music is in the classic power pop/roots rock style, with a lot of 60's British Invasion influence. Basically, this is my dream band. We're all really on the same page musically, have a deep vocabulary, everybody gets along well and the guys are a seriously talented and exciting rhythm section.

    As a side project I also play in a psychedelic power pop band called Orange Hat. The two co-frontmen and writers have been playing together for 20 years, they hooked up in high school. They are seriously talented dudes and we do a lot of multimedia stuff (video, art, comedy etc.) to accompany the music. We have a lot of fun and there's been quite a bit of cross pollination between my two bands as well.

    So let's hear about the rest of you!
    What The...?

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    Originally posted by Lee Flier

    Hey all!

    In the interest of getting to know one another, tell us about your band! Name, where you're located, style of music, originals or covers, what your role in the band is, anything else you'd care to share.

    Hey Lee- cool details on your band(s).

    Right now I'm playing in a "classic & modern rock" covers band. Your typical bar band I guess, but of course we think we are better than the rest! We do 1960's through 90's stuff... Oasis, Black Sabbath, 867-5309, Last Kiss... a pretty nice range as far as songs go. I really enjoy it. Oh, the band is called "The Ticket" or sometimes "Sik Ticket" depending on who you ask. I've been with this band for... I think 3 years now. They were a performing band before I joined, but I seem to have fit in very well as the only guitarist in this 4-piece group (bass, drums, vocals, and me on guitar).

    In the past I've always played in originals bands. I'm 34 years old, and started playing in bands at the ripe ol age of 7. I was a drummer for several years and switched to guitar around 12 because the drums were driving my parents crazy.

    Through high school and college my bands were leaning to the "thrash/heavy metal" side. My proudest moment of glory was my band in college from 1991-1994 called Syko Holiday. We toured the mid-Atlantic area and had a TON of fun living together and opening for bands like Fugazi. Syko Holiday has two "albums" available from me for free to anyone who's into "hardcore punk thrash metal noise."

    I'm a major gear-junkie when it comes to guitars, and kind of a novice in the amp department. I've probably owned over 100 different guitars in my life. Right now I play a 1994 Hamer USA strat through a Marshall 100w half stack.

    That's me on the left singing lead and playing the 1978 Gibson SG in Syko Holiday, 1993.
    Syko Holiday.com


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      My name is Jesse. I am 20 years old & i play in a band here in Winnipeg, MB, Canada called the River City Hum. We are a 3 peice band. The best way I can decribe our music is an "Eclectic" Rock. We are a rock band but our songs incorporate funk, jazz, blues, latin, folk & bluegrass styles. We concentrate on having very original song forms & stylings, aswell as delivering stellar live shows. We play regularly here in winnipeg & have a 5 song EP out called "Gallery". We are currently working on new material (taking a performance break) & we plan on going back into the studio in early september to record another EP. Aswell, we are fighting the never ending battle of building a fan base (we despretly need a web site!). For any Winnipegers on the forum the next show we have booked is on saturday, aug. 27 @ dylan O' conor's Irish pub.

      I'll try & post some of our songs, I just need to find a way to host them on the web 1st.


      Update: www.myspace.com/rivercityhum


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        Hey Hey!

        My band is called GROUND LEVEL, and we hail from Toronto, Ontario in the lovely land of Canada.

        We are somewhere between a hard rock band and a metal band.....depends on the song I guess. As a power trio, we pride ourselves on an energetic live show. We are currently promoting our first studio album called "Trustfire".

        All other details can be found on our website below......check out the tunes and let us know what you think!
        XT Brotherhood

        R.I.P DIMEBAG!


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          Hey, Lee! Good to see you on The Other Side

          The Fabulous Flemtones. We've been playing together under different band names since the mid-70s, and under this name for 19 years. Basic bar band - covers of Steely Dan, The Band, Allman Bros, Dead, Little Feat, SRV, Mavericks, etc. Three of the four of us sing, so we get some harmony action going, but it's more guitar-oriented rock. I'm strictly the bass player in this band, and have my share of lead singing and backup harmonies. These guys are my best friends, and have been for 30 years, so I can't help but have a great time playing music with them. I play either a DanElectro Longhorn, an Ibanez fretless, or a 74 Rick 4001 thru a Trace Elliot head and 4X10 cab. Still haven't finished with the 63 P-bass, so it's not in rotation.

          Shameless self-promotion:


          Lee, thanks for coming over and dragging this group with ya.


          Tim from Jersey
          Originally Posted by MattACaster : *Runs 2 blocks down the street to Guitar Center, grabs detuned Schecter off the wall, plugs into Line6 Spider and proceeds to bring teh brootalz*


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            My band is in my sig, check us out. thanks guys.
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              My band is called Judgement, and we are an original metal band based out of Anderson, IN, about 20-25 miles North of Indy. We started out as a 3 piece with no vocalist about 10 months ago, and had been searching for the right guy up until about a month and a half ago. We will be playing our first show on August 2nd as direct suppot for Lamb of God, Unearth and All That Remains. You can check us out at www.myspace.com/judgementband .

              My rig:

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                I'm Tom and I play guitar in a classic-rock bar band, Nick of Time, in the Fort Worth Texas area.


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                  Originally posted by Les_Izzmor

                  I play bass in the "the musical equivalent of a cholera outbreak
                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                  My cover band



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                    Used For Comparison

                    from beautiful Atlanta, GA..

                    yours truly: all guitars, most pianos, vocals, and 95% of the songwriting

                    ian mcmahon: all bass, some keyboards, backing vocals, all production and engineering

                    martin adam: all drums and percussion, booking agent

                    currently half-heartedly seeking a second guitarist..

                    www.usedforcomparison.com has news and music clips but not much else

                    we're working on our third album now and it will be mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound as well as in stereo..

                    Here's a track from the new album sessions:


                    And a picture:


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                      My band name is same as my moniker. I have just recently put the link to the website back into my sig. For quite awhile there, it was out of date while the band underwent a major line-up change. You can get a more or less complete story from the entries under News and About.

                      Our music is somewhat eclectic folk-rock-blues-jazz in varying proportions depending on the song.

                      The Music tab has links to songs on NoWhereradio.com and MySpace.com. They both have the same stuff, except a live cut from our first gig with the new line-up was added to My Space: Bum Left Ovary Girl - by our new rhythm player. Two of the songs (Come Back Up With You and Lighthouse Now) were written by me. The other cut, Lounge Lizards, was co-written by two former members of the band, one of whom plays some sax on it.

                      I play lead guitar and sing, and also play some fiddle with the band. I've been working on banjo recently, and will be working it in somehow soon.

                      I am the only founding member of the band left, and am pretty much in charge, though I like to be democratic about most things. We are an originals band, though we throw in some covers occasionally. Most of the songs we do currently are mine, and I have quite a few others which we will be learning, along with the new ones I and the other guys write.

                      I'm the old guy in the pictures, where I'm playing my strat. I just picked up a G&L ASAT Classic Semi-hollow which I've been playing more recently most of the time.

                      I played out quite a bit back in the seventies, but found it was not very compatible with my marriage after a couple of years, and didn't do much other than keep up my skills on an acoustic for about fifteen years or so. The marriage ended in the late '90's and was finalized in 2002. In 2001, I was laid off my day-job and spent 27 days in the hospital having surgery and other fun procedures. When I got out, I decided it was time to do something about all this music I had written and continued to write, and decided I would have a band and would make sure everything I had written got recorded decently.

                      I own the pa, the rehearsal space, the amps we use, the website and domain, and right now I'm loaning the rhythm player one of my guitars because I think it has more of the sound we need than the one he was using. So I'm pretty much central to what the band is about. I'm the oldest in the band by about 22 years right now.

                      Glad to meet y'all!

                      No offense intended, but (see above) . . .

                      Old is the new new.

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                        My name is Ryan and I'm 22. I'm in the band Faded out of Houston, Texas. We're an original hard rock band. We are currently a 4 piece, but looking to be a 5 piece as we are trying out rhythm guitarists right now. We are all out of the Houston area. We have an aggressive rock sound with strong vocal melodies, cool riffs, big solos, and distinctive bass lines.

                        We also do cover gigs to cover band expenses, but our main goal is to be an all original band. As a cover band, we basically choose what we like and see if it works at a bar. We play alot of biker bars as a cover band due to our hard rock style. We cover bands like Alice In Chains, RATM, Deftones, Misfits, STP, Tool, etc.

                        I'm the guitarist, one of the main song writers, and one of the founding members. The singer and I are the main song writers, but our bass player has written a few, too. Our singer and I are also the founding members. He and I were looking to start a band and write music with originality that doesn't copy trends that are already out. We are looking to do our own thing and make quality music that would be remembered years from now.

                        My style as a guitarist is very blues/rock based. My influences are Jerry Cantrell, Peter Klett (Candlebox), Alex Lifeson (Rush), Carl Bell (Fuel), Slash, Jeff Beck, and Eddie Van Halen.

                        Our websites are:


                        We have photos and band/individual bios.


                        We have our 3 track studio deom on here and a live track performed at The Rhythm Room in Houston, TX. We also post our show dates and lastes band news on here as well.
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                          Hi. Most everyone knows me anyway, since I bitch about everything.

                          The last band I was in parted ways less than a month ago and strangly enough our singer, that made the band split up, is working with me writing songs. At first our idea was to write songs that could be simple G,C, Der's, to complex acoustic shreds.

                          I guess some of the cool things about doing what we are doing is we just play for hours and hours on end. It usually starts with us on acoustics, him on a standard and me on a 12'er, we'll work out progressions and just layer over the other players chords. It's fun to do, but I bet it might sound a little overkill to the average listener.

                          Anyways, it's your basic stuff that other musicians would like to hear once and a while, for five minutes, then become bored with it.

                          I just think it's too much of a good thing like, trying to do too much in one song.

                          Plus we have taken this simple idea of acoustics and now are recording electric sounds into the songs and really electric guitar players is what the both of us really are anyways.


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                            most of the serious guys from OJ already know me and the band I play in Push Off, but for those that don't...I'm Drew, and I play guitar. we hail from the westside of the Motor City, and we are an all original five piece. I play in other projects from time to time, but my main focus is Push Off, and these tunes.

                            those are the EP demo versions of a few of the songs on our upcoming full length. we have three days booked this week, and we will record a total of 10 or 12 tracks. I will post more tunes when have mixed them down.

                            I will have to come back to this thread and check out all the music later, as the wife JUST got done with supper, but I can't wait!
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