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Best fingerless (or not) gloves for playing in cold weather


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  • Best fingerless (or not) gloves for playing in cold weather

    I'm wondering what everyone uses as far as gloves for cold weather.  I play a fretted bass and have used cloth fingerless gloves in the past but the frets tear the heck out of them and after a few weeks they are useless.  Someone suggested neoprene, which would be of dual use since I kayak, but would they just tear up and waste even more money?  
    Any thoughts?

    PS I'm in Florida so it doesn't get cold often but the last few weeks have been in the 30's and 40's on river front decks.  Sorry for the Michigan, Fargo, Buffalo folks

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    I buy cheap cloth gloves at the Dollar Store and cut the fingers off. If they wear out after a few gigs, so what? I just buy some more.
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      play indoors where its warm